Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Festival Brežice, my town!

Brežice, a small town on the bank with magnificent architectural heritage, specifically lives up before the summer in June when a multi-day festival named “Brežice, my town” is happening. Therefore the end of June will be marked with a rich cultural and entertainment program dedicated to all generational groups. The event will be held at various venues in the center of Brežice, starting on Wednesday 26th of June 2013. 

In early hours hikers will start a special hiking tour called ”Marš v Bresce” from Ljubljana to Brežice which is a good opportunity for recreation and to socialize with other hikers. The evening event is located in the Town hall, where there will be an opening of the beautiful exhibition named "Brežice my city" created by Igor Ribič, known as »Beeback photography«. Just a few meters down the main street by Rafter’s pub at exactly 10:00 pm a special event will take place - stand up performance by the comedian Tine Vodopivec.

Thursday, 27th of June, will be marked in the name of music, because from 8:30pm onwards different musical events will be held along the head street of Brežice. On Friday we will first await participants from the hiking tour “Marš v Bresce” and then the streets will once again be fulfilled  with music. First by an a cappella choir Perpetumm Jazzile, and then by vigorous men from the group MI2. 

Different events will be held during the whole Saturday. First a unique Antique Market will be prepared in the castle Brežice and meanwhile the youngest will have fun in the park nearby Mc Brežice. Children will be able to express their artistic skills, spend energy in sporting activities, see a show and even meet small animals from a MINI ZOO. At 19:00 pm the third Brežice run will take place in center of Brežice attended by Primoz Kuzmin, a Slovenian Olympian. The evening of course is reserved for musical treats. Fist we will have the pleasure to hear the charming Nina Pušlar and the star of the evening is an ex-yu rock legend Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga with his group called Instruktori.

Last day of the festival will take place on Boršt in the First Wake Park, where sport and entertainment are combined. For the final act of the festival we move into the castle Brežice to see a theatre show, which for the moment remains a secret. More info on web page: www.bmm.si .

Hostel Brežice
Mc hostel Brežice offers a special "festival" discount, 30% discount on overnight stays during the multi-day festival for our visitors and other guests. Thus, we invite all guests which are eager for a good time and great music to book a room in the Mc hostel Brežice and experience unforgettable moments during the festival.

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