Monday, 15 July 2013

Bovec, the valley of inspiration!

Bovec is a small town in Slovenia, located between high mountains and famous Soča river. It is a great destination for people looking for adrenaline release, river and land sports, tasty traditional food, historical and natural monuments.

This year will open a new hostel in Bovec, located in Klanc 27. The hostel will be very cosy, with 9 rooms for 2-12 persons, apartment for 4 persons, and a common place for socializing.

We are tourist and sports agency, who organizes trips and courses in the surrounding mountains, rivers and canyons. On the following activities we offer HI members 15% discount.

Adventures on rivers
On the rivers we organize rafting trip for families, beginners and also for experts, the extreme rafting on the most pristine river in Europe- Soča. This is a team experience for all ages.

Hydrospeed is a good workout. Bounce the waves, both hands on the controls of your boogieboard, flip and roll back. Our safety kayakers help you to navigate while you surf down the river. Different levels available. 

Canyoning is the way to relieve your childhood. A true refreshment contains funky slides, gorge hiking, jumps, plunging pools or a rope descent. Different levels of canyons are available, from easy ones which are fantastic world for children to the difficult ones with over 40 meters waterfalls.

Soča is possibly the best river to learn how to kayak. She offers clean calm waters for beginners and steep currents for the experts. Aktivni planet offers from guided trips to multi-day kayak courses. Our professional instructors adjust to your skill and knowledge.

Adventures in the mountains
Our newly built, biggest Zip-Line park in Central Europe knocks you off your feet. We offer you a safe and fast flying in the majestic Julian Alps. An unforgettable experience: zipping through more than 2 km of fresh mountain air with fabulous views of the Soča valley.

Caving in Kanin mountain is a new dimension of your life. Over millennia rain and snowmelt seeped into the cracks of this soft limestone turning Kanin into ˝Swiss Cheese˝, now a Mecca for cave explorers. We have designed several excursions for the inexperienced. At Aktivni planet we would like to take you inside and give you a healthy bite.

For those experienced climbers who visit our valley without a climbing partner wanting to add some climbing miles to his or her portfolio, we offer guiding at the best crags around. If you need to buy or rent equipment, or for any questions related to climbing ask at our CLIMBING SHOP downtown Bovec.

For additional information please call or write on the following contacts:

Trg golobarskih žrtev 19
5230 Bovec
+386 40 639 433

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