Thursday, 18 July 2013

Much happening in Slovenia during the summer

The month of July is the month with most festivals you should visit or at least know about them. Don't worry about high temperatures, for most festivals take place along water and offer a nice cool down in the warm summer days and nights. So the conclusion of the famous Maribor festival Lent only starts the festival season in Slovenia. Here are some festivals that will not leave you cold!

Festival MetalDays;
Festival MetalDays in Tolmin takes you in the world of heavy metal between 21st and 26th of July at the place where two mountain rivers (Soča and Tolminka) meet. During the festival the town becomes a metal heaven, where you get 7 days of thrills with the world renowned groups. The great location of the festival also offers more than just musical pleasure, for you can also get a relaxing and friendly atmosphere only 65km away from the Adriatic coast in the Alps. Let us just tell you that the Soča river is among the cleanest in Europe, which also says a lot about the town. More about the festival can be found at .

Just a few days after this festival Tolmin starts the creative camp of Sajeta, which offers many workshops and lectures for the visitors. Spending time in nature in the heart of Tolmin will bring forth many creative pleasures for every visitor between the 30th of July and 4th of August. You can read more about it at And don’t forget that in August the Tolmin hosts the international Reggae Festival beginning on 14th of August, inviting all lovers of Jamaican rhythms to get a dose of beat. You can find more info here

International Reggae Festival;
For all who need a safe, comfortable and budget friendly board, we invite you to check out the Hostel Paradiso in Tolmin. It is in the centre of the city, with 26 beds and a bar Paradiso on the first floor. 

From Tolmin we’ll take you to Lake Bled, where with the beginning of July the international music festival Bled also starts and offers the right melody for you. Between 19th and 21st of June there are the Bled days. Tourists can see how homemade crafts are produces and listen to the promenade concerts. But most people gather for the traditional Bled night when the lake and castle flair up. The boatmen place around 15.000 lights in eggshells to light up the lake and its surroundings and then start a few minutes of fireworks. We suggest you stay at hostel Bledec, just a few steps from the lake and under the old castle of Bled. More info at

Jurjevanje in Bela Krajina,
We also invite all lovers of folklore to visit the Jurjevanje in Bela Krajina. Between 19th and 23rd of July the oldest folklore festival in Slovenia takes place. The five day festival in Črnomelj (in Bela Krajina) in the land of with lime trees, warm river of Kolpa and rich cultural heritage. In the past few years the festival hosted excellent groups from Mexico, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Poland, etc. If you’re interested in what they offer this year visit the For a budget friendly stay you should check out the Hostel Črnomelj, where they’ll welcome you and offer you an unforgettable stay.

Let this summer take you to the world of music, culture and dance. Welcome to Slovenia.

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