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Slovenia’s largest museum

Behind the gates of a former Carthusian monastery you can find Slovenia’s largest museum – The Technical Museum of Slovenia. It is located in the most beautiful natural surroundings - on the south-western margins of the broad and flat Ljubljana Basin, some 22 km from the nation's capital and 4 km from Vrhnika. You can visit it on your way from Ljubljana to the seaside. In Ljubljana you can stay in Hostel DIC, Hostel Ljubljana, Hostel Park, Hostel Tabor or Hostel Tresor. Coming from the the opposite direction, the nearest hostel is located in Postojna (Hostel Proteus). 

Technical Museum of Slovenia photo archive TMS;
The Technical museum of Slovenia is housed in what was originally a monastery but later became a grand mansion. Both settlement and manor take their name from the clear karstic springs, which issue forth from under the adjacent wooded hillside. Rebuilt and refashioned on several occasions, Bistra has enjoyed a variety of cultural, political, economic and social roles over the centuries. From 1260 to the dissolution of 1782, it was a Carthusian monastery; following renovation in 1826 Bistra served as manor house, and since 1951 it has been the home to the nation's Technical Museum. 

Hunting depratment photo Blaz Zupancic;
Nowadays several collections can be seen in the museum: from forestry, woodworking, hunting, fishing and agricultural departments, to textiles, printing, traffic and electrical engineering. The attention of most visitors is drawn towards the water-driven elements -the flour mill, blacksmith’s workshop, fulling mill and veneer sawmill. Road vehicle fans won’t be disappointed either. You can admire the oldest surviving car from Slovenia or enjoy the sight of the limousines that once belonged to President Tito, Premier of former Yugoslavia. 

Tito's limousines photo Blaz Zupancic;
Apart from the guided tour in Slovene, English, Italian, French, Croatian, Serbian and German languages through the museum collections, you can weekly attend several workshops (such as restoration, bread baking, bookmaking ...) and demonstrations (Nikola Tesla's experiments, demonstration of basket weaving,  of flax breaking,  of bobbin – work, felt making ...), through which you can truly experience the technical spirit. Annually the Museum organize special events such as science events (Days of Physics, Days of Electrical Engineering, Days of Mechanical Engineering) at which the researchers, professors and students from the various educational and research institutions present their field. For further information about all the events visit:

Blacksmith's workshop photo Blaz Zupancic;
For workshops and special guided tours advance booking is obligatory. You can book by phone +386 1 750 66 72 or e-mail: .

Bistra 6, 1353 Borovnica, Slovenia
Tel: +386 (0) 1 750 66 70 

Museum’s opening hours:
Tuesday–Friday:  8.00–16.00 (July and August: 10.00–18.00) 
Saturdays: 9.00–17.00
Sundays and holidays: 10.00–18.00
Every Monday and from 4. 12. until 1.3. the Museum is open only for groups announced in advance (+386 1 750 66 72,

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