Thursday, 22 August 2013

Soča Outdoor Festival

September 13th to September 15th 2013, Tolmin, Slovenia 

The Soča Outdoor Festival will offer an unforgettable “flow” on the trails, water and evening dance parties. It will take place in Tolmin, western part of Slovenia, near the Italian border. Tolmin lies in the Soča river valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps. The festival main scene is surrounded by high mountains, rivers and pastures. 

The variety of sports disciplines offers something for everyone. For the runners, two runs are offered. First is the Alpe Adria Run, a 12 km recreational run with a route along the Soča river. The other run is the Soča Trail Run, which is a bit more demanding, but even more enjoyable. Organizer guarantee that this two runs will be the most beautiful you have ever run. For those who are cycling lovers, three different competitions will be prepared. The Soča MTB Marathon, as the main discipline, the cross-country eliminator competition turned into an evening show with DJ under a spot lights and the Climb to the Razor Mountain for those who dislike riding downhill. In additional programme cycling climb to Matajur and Stol Mountain will be organized and also a trip with road bicycles. More about competitions:

Additional programme will offer a variety of trips (the trip with e-bicycles from Tolmin to Goriška brda), walks organized in cooperation with the Foundation Walk of Peace, hiking for families and one for more demanding hikers. There will be also organized programs for children such as scout activities and kayak school. More about additional programme:

Author Leonardo Olmi
As a Soča Outdoor Festival is not only a sports festival but also a music festival the famous Slovenian bands and DJ will take care for the evening parties. 

Accomodation facilities in the valley are from camp to hotels and private rooms. In Tolmin is located nice Youth Hostel Paradiso, member of Hostelling International, which offers stays of a low price in the vicinity of the festival. More about the hostel you can read HERE

The festival will be an unforgettable outdoor experience for everyone! We hope to meet you in Tolmin nex month! 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Slovenian hostels are even friendlier to the environment

Hostelling International Slovenia is competing to get funds from the environmental fund of Hosteling International. You can find the HI Slovenia project at and if you like it, we'd be thankful if you vote for it.

The title is »Come back green« because we want to turn all, or at least most of, Slovenian hostels that are willing to cooperate, to become learning centres of sustainable development.

It is therefore a project that will multiply the effects of finding sustainable solutions at each of the hostel – for at least one of the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental, economic and social.

The point of the project is, to stress and show the benefits of sustainable development to all the guests, thus becoming learning centres of sustainable development.

And it is the environmental component of the sustainable development that also carries both: economic and social component, thus the name “Come back green”

The project will have three phases, first being the education of the staff in the hostel, according to the CSR (Corporate social responsibility) methodology and allow the hostels to fix small things and prepare plans for bigger ones through “ECO-mapping.” The project will lower the costs for up to 10% in the first and additional 10% in other two phases. This will be most visible with older hostels, that are not so efficient, while the newer objects do not reach such a percentage, because they are extremely efficient already.

You can read more about the project HERE. If we’ve convinced you that the project does make sense we also ask you to vote for it and increase our options to actually set it in motion.

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Lipica Stud Farm

Every piece has its own story. Every path leads to the past. A wealth of history lies in the thousands of memories preserving the attractions of the estate.

The Lipica Stud Farm is one of the most beautiful cultural-historical monuments in Slovenia. A tradition of over 400 years can be found in the rich offer of various unforgettable experiences. 

Lipica Stud Farm;
Take a walk around the estate of the stud farm in the company of a friendly guide, who will lead you to the world of Lipizzaners (3€ discount for HI members). 

The Classical Riding School of Lipica is pride and success of Lipica Stud farm. Selected stallions will delight you with their elegant walk, turns and other surprising elements.

Lipica Stud Farm;
Take a tour of the estate of the Lipica Stud Farm with a carriage and enjoy beautiful moments. 

You will discover everything you ever wanted to know about Lipizzaner horses and Lipica in the museum.

Lipikum - Museum;
The restaurant Maestoso will entice you with the tempting scent of homemade Karst culinary delights which go well with superior wine.

Experience an excellent golf game in the shadow of hundred-year-old linden and oak trees under the open Mediterranean sky. 

Lipica - Golf;
Explore the surroundings of the Lipica Stud Farm which offers numerous sports activities such a trim track, mini golf or use the nearby well-groomed cycling paths. 

In the middle of the 19th century the seriously ill general K. Grünne promised to erect a shrine in honor of the Holy Mary if he recovered. He kept his promise and the chapel was carved in the rock. Since it was known for its miraculous power, masses of people made a pilgrimage to this valley in Lipica until the Second World War. 

Lipica is also a perfect starting point to explore attractions on the Karst: caves (Škocjan, Vilenica or Divača cave), medieval village Štanjel or Pliskovica village where you are welcome also in Pliskovica Youth Hostel. It operates in on the site of a protected cultural monument that is over 400 years old. Although renovated to a comfortable standard the hostel boasts authentic Karst architecture, a genuine rural aesthetic and a beautiful closed yard planted with herbs, fruit trees and lavender. 

Youth Hostel Pliskovica