Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Slovenian hostels are even friendlier to the environment

Hostelling International Slovenia is competing to get funds from the environmental fund of Hosteling International. You can find the HI Slovenia project at and if you like it, we'd be thankful if you vote for it.

The title is »Come back green« because we want to turn all, or at least most of, Slovenian hostels that are willing to cooperate, to become learning centres of sustainable development.

It is therefore a project that will multiply the effects of finding sustainable solutions at each of the hostel – for at least one of the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental, economic and social.

The point of the project is, to stress and show the benefits of sustainable development to all the guests, thus becoming learning centres of sustainable development.

And it is the environmental component of the sustainable development that also carries both: economic and social component, thus the name “Come back green”

The project will have three phases, first being the education of the staff in the hostel, according to the CSR (Corporate social responsibility) methodology and allow the hostels to fix small things and prepare plans for bigger ones through “ECO-mapping.” The project will lower the costs for up to 10% in the first and additional 10% in other two phases. This will be most visible with older hostels, that are not so efficient, while the newer objects do not reach such a percentage, because they are extremely efficient already.

You can read more about the project HERE. If we’ve convinced you that the project does make sense we also ask you to vote for it and increase our options to actually set it in motion.

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