Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Autumn – the season for hiking in Slovenia

In autumn the landscape of municipality Brežice offers numerous possibilities for an active vacation. Everything from boating on the river Krka, cycling, horseback riding to hiking, which is a perfect opportunity to discover the divine nature wrapped in a rainbow of colourful autumn. It is an excellent recreation in nature and at the same time allows travellers to learn more about the cultural and natural heritage of the region.

Water tower
MC Hostel Brezice is located in a park in the heart of Brežice and within few minutes you can be on any hiking trail. As an accommodation with four hikers we are fully specialized for hikers. We provide verbal information in the Slovenian and two foreign languages, special accommodation arrangements, saunas and massage parlours in the vicinity, common rooms and an indispensable free wireless connection, hiking equipment and multiday hiking programs with guides that allow you to explore the sights of diverse landscape of Brežice and anyone can find something for himself.

For the begging you can start from MC Hostel Brežice and go on a short morning trip to Šentvid and allow yourself to be seduced by the magnificent view. The rise to the church Sv. Vid is a great opportunity to get to know the hidden corners and colourful autumn leaves.

For castle and museum fans is the hiking trail, which leads from the Brežice Castle to a village Bukošek and concludes in a small village Artiče, an excellent choice. The Brežice castle houses the Posavje Museum and a beautiful Knight's hall. The trail leads us by the water tower and the Church of St. Rocco and at the end it brings us to Artiče, where you can make a stop at the Banhomestead – the complex of rural economy of the 19th century.

All of those who are fascinated by the variety of vineyards, forests and rivers can choose a hiking path from the confluence of the Sava and Krka to Dobova, which is known for its carnival - fašjenk. The path takes us to Kapele, where there is an information room about the natural park Jovsi, a home for various and diverse species of endangered birds. We return to Brežice through Dobrava, magical forest full of secret stories and a paradise for mushroom hunters.

Repnice, unigue caves where you can taste excellent local wines.
The most beautiful view of the hills planted with vineyards we get if walk across the left bank of the river Sotla through Bizeljsko. We must not overlook repnice, unigue caves where you can taste excellent local wines. The path takes us past the castle Bizeljsko, which peacefully watches over the vineyards. In the idyllic village Pišece you can see the birthplace of the linguist Maks and Castle Pišece, which brings us stories about knights and the famous Moscon family.

Castle Bizeljsko
Welcome to MC Hostel Brežice, where we will be happy to assist you in planning hiking trails and together with you and your desires and abilities develop a plan of recreational holiday in colourful autumn days. Discover the magic of Brežice with MC hostel Brežice!

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