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Charms of Logar Valley

Fans of the wonderful natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, sport, adrenaline, and great cuisine - Logar Valley is perfect for you.

Logarska Valley (Author - Tomo Jeseničnik );
In the middle of a green meadow goes a route. Rare homesteads are scattered along it. In the gardens vegetable is being cultivated by mostly older men and women whose faces and tired hands reveal a hard life on the farm. Only about 35 people still live in this valley. Behind the homesteads hills rise that are grown with lush trees. Fall brings bright yellow and red on the trees while conifers expect winter rest in the green and give a special charm to the rainbow of colors. Somewhere in the distance the majestic rocky mountain tops are already covered by the first patches of snow. It is true that for visiting the Logar Valley a summer time is preferred, as it is a good shelter from the heat. However, you will throw away thicker clothes in the autumn, when the sun shines on the valley that was carved by the glacier thousands of years ago. It left large rocks behind that are now isolating staring from the greenery along the road.

Storžič and Kočna (Author - J. Skok );
You reach Logar Valley by car through the village Solčava where you pay for entrance. The valley is a Landscape park, where massive crowds of motorized visitors left their mark. Believe me, it is worth paying. The valley offers beautiful natural scenes, most agree, that beauty culminates in the Rinka waterfall. In the heart of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, under the Okrešelj, the ice-cold Savinja River springs, which then falls 90 meters deep. The waterfall is just one of many in the Logar Valley and is must-see stop. Perfect view on the waterfall is from the café that clings to a rocky crag - the Eagle’s Nest. Numerous also visit a spring of creek Črna that is on the way in Logar Valley.

Solčava, Logarska dolina (Author -  Tomo Jeseničnik );
People have been exploiting rich natural conditions in the valley since the 14th century. The cultural landscape is an important and interesting link in the chain of the whole valley. On the way you can see the old granary, which bears all the characteristics of buildings hilly landscape. The visit of an olcarska or woodcutters cottage will take you into the lives of forest workers with a collection of tools and devices that they were using. Valuable cultural heritage is also Planšarija, a homestead that has preserved traditional architecture.

Probably there is no need to stress out all the possibilities nature offers here for the sports enthusiasts. Kamnik-Savinja Alps are a great destination for hikers, allowing many alpine ascents for prepared and amateur climbers. In winter climbers like to climb frozen waterfalls, while the valley and its peaks are full of hikers throughout all season. In order to be more environmentally friendly and also to firm up the muscles, cycling is a good choice. This kind of means of transport will be exempt from entrance fee to the valley. The path leads up to the car park below the Rinka waterfall.

Logarska valley(Author-Tomo Jeseničnik);
After a long walk in the mountains, when your legs suffer from the strenuous cycling or when after a day of climbing the peaks you descend into the valley, there is nothing better than authentic home cooking.

You cannot miss it. It is located along the road that leads to and from the Logar Valley. It is surrounded by greenery and flowers that adorn the wooden balconies. In front of the building the piglet and lamb are being roasted on a spit. Restaurant Pevc & Hostel Ljubno ob Savinji is an example of hospitality and homeliness. Let old tables and chairs do not mislead you. From the kitchen spread pleasant fragrance. The ingredients of traditional dishes are grown in the garden behind the house, still hot bread is served from the oven every day and meats are also produced at home. In winter, the time of slaughter, you get fresh sausages. All year round they offer culinary specialties such as žlikrofi with dry minced meat (dumplings), zgornjesavinjski želodec (dried meat product), salami, cheeses... A family-run company prides itself with hospitality, where you will feel like home. Guests that sleep in a hostel, wake up with the sight on Raduha which top shines in morning sun. The hostel has small, comfortable rooms; some with balcony, but most of them are wonderfully decorated with wooden furniture, designed by the owner himself and made by the village master. Room in which guests, according to the owners, love to spend the night is very special because it has a shower right next to the bed. And if you want, you can do two rooms out of one! Yes, with the Spanish wall.

Youth Hostel Ljubno ob Savinji
For anything else Spanish you'll have to cross the border. But for such a natural beauty offered by the Logar Valley, local meat, as offered in Pevc Restaurant, and the hospitality of the local people, you will spend a lot of time to find it.

Anja Turk

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