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Get to know Kamnik with its surroundings


Kamnik and its surroundings are becoming an ever more popular Slovenian tourist destination. It's an area only 25 kilometres from the capital – Ljubljana and only 10km from the main Slovenian international airport. It has incredible tourist potential. It stands right at the base of the Alps and offers great opportunities to spend quality free time. You can enjoy the beauty of the hills and mountains, the countryside and the medieval town – or relax in the recreational centres. The tourist offers are very well prepared and nicely complemented by the excellent culinary experience.

The Alps offer many opportunities for actively spending your free time. Both hikers and bikers will love the experience.

We invite you to visit the popular and unique Velika planina with its oldest preserved original shepherd’s settlement. You can reach the mountain every day of the year by a cable cart or by well-marked mountain paths. The Planina is most charming in the summer, when the shepherds bring their cattle there and together form a unique heritage sight. Their tradition is presented in detail in the renovated Preskar’s museum. Some of the shepherds even let you try their fresh milk, or buttered milk and cheese, but otherwise the culinary offer in the mountain cabins and restaurants is excellent. You can read more about it at:

In the pristine Tuhinjska valley you’ll find a spa Terme Snovik, which are the highest located spa in Slovenia. Apart from all the relaxation activities they also offer courses and events. They are dedicated to the ecological and sustainable tourism. They’ve developed thematic paths and established an innovative out-door gym. There are little houses at the edge of the forest, which were the first in Slovenia to gain the EU Daisy for environmental efforts and that’s where you can spend a night if staying with them. Read more about it as:

You’ll get new strengths in the natural healing forest at the holistic health centre, which is a unique place in Tunjice, dedicated to healing and self-healing, centre that can also help you with infertility, pain, de-toxication and other pests of modern age. It is also famous for its living water with great energy potentials, which placed Tunjice on the world mak of geological heritage. 

A perfect outdoor stroll awaits you at the Arboretum Volčji Potok. Rich flora (around 3.500 species of plants) can be observed throughout the year. We especially welcome families with children with a popular children’s playground. There are also various exhibitions on display, accompanied by workshops and events all year around. 

Nearby all golf fans will get their treat as well! Golf Arboretum is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia, surrounded by a pine forest and with a backdrop of the mighty Kamniško-Savinjske Alps. 

Kamnik is one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Slovenia with history dating over 780 years in the past, to the high Middle Ages. It was a flourishing town of craftsmen and a home to many famous families, like the counts of Anden from Bavaria. History is still alive in the city in the lap of the Alps, as we call it, and has many cultural and sacral monuments.

The town also features a two-story Romanic chapel Little Castle, with a great view of the Alps and is an unparalleled architectural feature in Slovenia. Connected to it is also the legend about the curse of the countess Veronika. But don’t forget other sights like the main square, the Fryer’s monastery with a church of St. Jacob and a library with first prints and incunabula’s and a gallery of Miha Maleša. Also take a walk on the most beautiful street of Šutna, which still kept its original medieval look.

All who want to learn more about the history of the area are welcome to visit the trans-municipality museum Kamnik at Zaprice. Located in a renaissance castle is features permanent and occasional exhibitions, with an open air museum of granaries from the Tuhinja valley.

This year Kamnik also opened the door to the birth house of Rudolf Maister, which became a first Slovenian museum dedicated solely to this national patriot, general, poet and lover of the written word, who was born in Kamnik.

The best time to visit Kamnik is when there are events taking place and you can find some all year round. There are traditional ones like the days of folklore clothing, numerous summer and winter festivals, standing out is the Kamfest, but there are also ethnological events at the spa of Terme Snovik or winter walks to the midnight Christmas mass to Velika planina. A procession of people carrying torches goes up the mountain to witness the nativity scene. But don’t forget the tulip exhibition at Volčji Potok. In wintertime Kamnik especially gets a fairy tale like quality in the snow, when the centre of the town features the Kamnik.December.Time of joy. event.

As first in the central Slovenia Kamnik started developing culinary products – the tastes of Kamnik. In collaboration with experts and tourist workers (from both entire Slovenia or local) they’ve prepared a selection of culinary specialities. These have a cultural value for they are a mix between the traditional and contemporary culinary scene of Kamnik. The dishes present the entire Kamnik area, but present separate parts of it at the same time. The variety of food also indicated the social differences among the classes of the past. You can taste the culinary treats at restaurants of Kamnik and its surroundings!

And last but not least Kamnik also tends to care for budget travellers with a modern HI Hostel Pod Skalo, which offers 9 two-bedded rooms, a three-bedded room and from this year forth a room for ten people. All guests get free Wi-Fi access, a secure bike shed (also for motorbikes), shuttle transport to the airport and tourist destinations in Kamnik and it even features a local pub where you can get a drink or play table soccer or throw darts. Nearby you can also find an open air swimming pool (for the summer), tennis courts and beach volley. 


Zavod za turizem in šport v občini Kamnik
Glavni trg 2
1240 Kamnik
Tel: 00386 (0)1 831 81 91

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