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Slovenian hostels appropriate for groups

As every tourist agency you probably also face the problem of how to find a good price and a quality stay for your group. We can help you, for we have been taking care of a unique and high quality network of Slovenian Youth Hostel for a number of years. Various adventures, from sleeping in a Kars house surrounded by nature to breakfast in a swimming vault in downtown Ljubljana, Slovenian hostels really have a varied offer and a good reputation known well outside the Slovenian borders. This month we’re presenting 6 hostels with great locations for discovering the beauty of Slovenia, but also good quality for even the most demanding group.

For youth organization or sport clubs, who’d like to visit in a group, we recommend the hostels: Hostel Radlje ob Dravi and Hostel Brežice, which are especially appropriate for hosting groups and organizing seminars, meetings, conferences and preparations, for they are a part of a youth centre, which by its definition allows for rooms where people can meet, socialize, create and have access to equipment and services needed for a successful meeting. From the club rooms to free internet access, places to hold events, computer rooms, musical and multimedia studios and sport halls, along with meeting rooms, classrooms and workshops... you’ll find it all in these two hostels.  A very similar offer can also be found at the Hostel Proteus, which is part of the high-school dormitory but an independent unit and its own meals and a high quality board suitable also for large groups.

Next three hostels are at extraordinary locations in Slovenia. In the country’s biggest city – Ljubljana – we can offer you a board at a deluxe standard Hostel Park, right in the heart of the city and is a great place for exploring the national capital. Just a few kilometres away there is one of the most beautiful Alpine resorts – Bled – which we strongly recommend you to visit. It’s known for the mild and healthy climate and the lake water. This pearl of Slovenian nature attracts businessmen, artists, athletes, researchers, nature lovers… young and old from all over the world alike. We are sure you won’t be disappointed either. You can spend the night at the Hostel Bledec, just a five minute walk from the lake. And let us not forget the beautiful Slovenian coast, where we invite you to visit the town of Izola – an old Mediterranean coastal town, where the tradition of winemaking and fishing draw you in the magical autumn, to discover the mystical past and friendliness of the people making up the most idyllic mosaic of joy to the senses. Your group will be well taken care of in the Hostel Alieti, offering 25 beds in dormitory rooms in one of the old town houses in the very heart of Izola.

1. Youth Hostel Park
Right by the entrance to the old city centre you will find Hoste Park – perfect for groups of travellers. It’s a part of the city life, it’s near the marketplace, the dragons, city castle and main square. Hostel is located in two floors of the Ljubljana Park hotel. It offers rooms with two, three or four beds. They also have a laundry, restaurant and a summer garden. They offer all together 83 beds in either two, three or four bedded rooms with their own showers or with shared showers. Because it offers a lot of possibilities to sleep over it is popular with groups, which can get a group dinner at the hotel for a very good price.

Youth Hostel Park
2. Youth Hostel Brežice
Hostel Brežice is a modern and stylish decorated hostel that provides accommodation for all generations. Its convenient location in the middle of the town’s park ensures a pleasant stay and easy access to various points of interest. It offers accommodation in double rooms, six bed dorms with shared bathroom and toilet facilities and private ensuites with private bathrooms. All rooms are air-conditioned and lovingly decorated with silhouettes of animals. With additional beds it can accept up to 71 guests. Guests can use the common kitchen which is also equipped with a TV and a DVD player. On the first floor there is terrace furnished with tables and chairs, which provides a pleasant place for socializing or relaxing.

Youth Hostel Brežice
3. Youth Hostel Bledec
Hostel Bledec is a completely renovated building, which continues the 80 year old tradition of youth tourism on Bled. It is in a quiet part of the town, only a five minutes’ walk from the lake. Right next to it is also a walking path, leading up to the castle, which can be reached in about 10 minutes. There are 12 rooms with 55 beds altogether. Most rooms have three or four, but some also have five beds. They are all equipped with showers, toilets and a TV; the restaurant, pub, a joint room with an internet corner and parking space.

Youth Hostel Bledec
4. Youth Hostel Proteus
Hostel Proteus is located in the centre of Postojna. Near the hostel park there is a town sports park with a stadium and playgrounds for tennis, basketball, handball, football, an athletic track and children`s playground. Hostel Proteus has 120 beds. Rooms are three and four bedded with common sanitary facilities to share. In July and August there are additional 100 beds. Guests can also be offered breakfast if they wish. From Monday to Friday it is always possible to order full board (by prior arrangement also at weekends). In the hall of hostel there is free internet access and guests can use a small kitchen for making hot drinks and meals.

Youth Hostel Proteus
5. Youth Hostlov Alieti
Hostel Alieti is located in one of the old town houses in the historical centre of Izola. It offers 25 beds in common rooms. Hostel Alieti is near the Manzioli Square, just 100m from the sea and 500m from the lighthouse beach. Near it are bars, restaurants, shops, bakeries, market… and only 300m away is the Izola bus station. There are 5 rooms with 4, 5, or 6 beds, 2 bathrooms, dining room and a kitchen. Rooms have air-conditioning. They offer breakfasts (two fresh beagles and coffee or tea) and free WiFi. You can enter the hostel with your key any time of the day. It can accommodate groups of up to 20 people. It is not appropriate for loud parties, as it is in the old town centre and groups are expected to respect the surroundings.

Youth Hostel Alieti
6. Youth Hostel Radlje ob Dravi
Hostel Radlje ob Dravi provides a five-triangle accommodation to youth, cyclists, motorcyclists, travellers, and other occasional guests. There are 16 rooms available, altogether 42 beds (1-4 beds per room). If a group is larger, extra beds are available. Each room has a TV and a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The facility is fully adapted for disabled guests. There is also a café with a kitchen that works by a prior arrangement only. Guests are welcome to use two convenient kitchens to prepare small meals.

Youth Hostel Radlje ob Dravi

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