Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Skiing on grass?!

You could say that the Camp Menina is miniature world; several types of accommodation, several ways of relaxation, several choices of culinary delights, many forms of sports activities ... More opportunities for all, who are looking for a real, active vacation in the heart of the breathtaking natural beauty.

Youth Hostel Menina
For more than fourteen years in a small village in the Upper Savinja valley grows a "resort", as the owner Jure sometimes calls entire complex of Campa Menina. He drove into his own little world, jumped out of the car and spread high spirits with a smile and jokes. Full of crazy, interesting and attractive ideas, with the help of his Katja and the team, camp complements, extends, and improves all the time. We’ve stopped before the "old-new" reception, which used to be the granary. When entering the wooden house stuffed eagle welcomes you, and afterwards…get ready for a mass of information.

Youth Hostel Menina
When entering the camp, it is quite clear that there is no time for boredom. Great Adventure Park is spread over a children's playground. Around the camp the stream runs, filling the lake. During the summer, it is full of bathers, especially children, who are excited about the large inflatable pillows on which they are jumping until the night falls. Meanwhile, in a nice shadow parents barbecue, girls sunbathe, and fallows enjoy with a beer in a hand. "The only thing we do not have is the sea," says Jure, "near runs Savinja River that during the summer heats up to a comfortable 26 degrees. Otherwise, we have it all. Only five minute walk away is the airport where we throw interested from the plane." When he lists all the activities offered, from guided hikes, bike tours, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling... my attention caught skiing on grass. "Have you not heard of it? You have some kind of caterpillar on your foot. Otherwise it is fu**ing hard, but with some practice it is OK. We have also ski slope on grass."
Youth Hostel Menina
Katja added that during the summer, months when they are almost completely full, they organize concerts, they even hosted Elvis Presley impersonators, they have danced Zumba and have lots of activities for children. Everything for a perfect family, active, adrenaline vacation in Menina. Of course, Camp Menina did not forget the relaxation. When the sun sets, torches are lighted up. They cast a light on a wooden, enclosed cottage in which the temperature is very high. Wrapped only in sheets, guests relax in the pleasant evenings in the Finnish sauna. Experience full of romance. For those with empty stomachs, they bake pizzas in the restaurant or prepare snacks. For more demanding guests they offer typical food of Upper Savinja Valley such as žlinkrofi. In restaurant they prepare you fresh trout or bograč, golaž (soups with lots of meat).

Youth Hostel Menina
Large complex, which extends below the treetops and where in the mystical, quiet mornings you can almost hear the murmur of Savinja, includes accommodation for every taste and pocket. 26 modern mobile homes with kitchen, bathroom and terrace are perfect for families. Among them are hiding four treker huts - small wooden houses, which were originally without showers and electricity but were upgraded later. On the spacious lawn you can select the location for your caravan or tent. You can spend the night in the hostel, which is perfect for groups. Jure says it comes in handy when the guys decide to have the bachelor party there. Not only bachelor parties, they had several marriages also. It would be utterly wrong to expect a typical wedding in Camp Menina. Jure is full of crazy ideas. The bride on her big day in a beautiful white dress sails in to the camp in canoe. The groom in his best dress rocks with a swing in the Adventure Park above his bride in a canoe. What a scene! "One bride was shouting: "Give me back my husband, give me back my husband!'" Jure explains with a laugh.

Youth Hostel Menina
In the autumn they host athletes who come to preps. When we were there, they were just preparing for the arrival of American football team. Dear girls, Camp Menina make sure you can relax your eyes. Also when winter comes, in Upper Savinja Valley it is not boring. Skiers and boarders can ski on the snowy slopes in Golte. Do not forget sledges for all kinds of winter joy. There are quite few waterfalls in the Upper Savinja Valley that fall from the mountain peaks. During the winter time waterfalls freezes and they are full of climbers who are climbing the majestic ice walls.

Anja Turk
Volunteer of Hostelling International Slovenia

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