Thursday, 7 November 2013

Autumn on Karst

Karst ... There aren't many places where nature paints the landscape in the way it does on Karst. The stone walls that are covered with multi-coloured sumac make the walks in the nature an even more memorable experience. The temperatures are suitable for spending your leisure time in a recreational way. 

Just like every autumn, institute ŠTIP made sure that we will be in a good shape. On the 9th of November there will be a running event in Sežana called "Greet the Autumn While Running". This year's run will be even more special because the 10 km route was renovated in a way that it leads along the asphalt roads and macadam country roads through the Living museum of Karst to Orlek and back again. To experience Karst in all its beauty, you can stay on Karst with the two-day package which besides starting fee includes a visit to the Lipica Stud Farm, Škocjan caves, Pepa's Karst Garden and wine tasting. For more info:

At the Youth Hostel Pliskovica we also provide unforgettable experiences. Through the two suggested packages we want to show Karst to you in ways that best correspond to your wishes. With the selection of one of them you can get to know Karst through its cuisine, typical crafts, cycling, hiking, visits to the typical Karst sites like Lipica, Škocjan Caves Park, Štanjel and more.

Youth Hostel Pliskovica
In addition, you can still go on a guided cycling tour or visit one of the Karst restaurants that through the traditional "Month of the Karst Cuisine" offer menues with an autumn flavour.

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