Wednesday, 13 November 2013

»Repnice« - undiscovored sandy world

There are still places, which can suprise and charm us. In Municipality Brezice travelers can find a very special and still not discovered sandy world. Skilful locals recognised nature's generosity and took what it offered. »Repnice« were made, more than 200 years old. In the overcrowded daily pulse they mean a return of tranquilitiy and peace, to secrets of nature and man’s creativity today.

»Repnice« are caves, dug in the flint-stone, which was washed up by the Pannonic sea millions of years ago. They got their name after turnip (=repa; repnice), because the locals stored turnip and some other products of the field in them. They are not only one of the most interesting sights on Bizeljsko-sremiška vine tourist road but they are a part of the autochthon, historical, ethnological and cultural heritage in this region.

Because of the need of naturals stores for their products, locals dug into flint-stone caves of different sizes. More and less fine sand got joint together and so made it possible for locals to dig out natural stores without using any building materials. They used a mattock, a shovel and a special scraper for smoothing and shaping the walls and the ceiling. They had to hammer the mattocks every day, because they got totally blunt and useless during digging.

Sandy caves are decorated with the sunny door, which leads us to the underground sand world. »Repnice« were originally used for storing the products of the field, because in the times, when there were no refrigerators and no cold-storage installation, they were the most appropriate storage places. In »repnice« the constant humidity is around 95% and the temperature around 8 deg.C. People tell, that apples stored there stayed fresh and firm until the next crop.

A lot of these sandy caves are in the middle of the wine-growing regions and because of the appropriate climate conditions, today people mostly use them for ripening and storage of wine. Also they are an ideal place for tasting the specific wines of Bizeljsko-sremiška vinicultural area. They represent an important tourist characteristic of this area. At the moment there are six “repnice” opened for visitors. The most attracive are Najger’s “repnica”, “repnica“ Graben, “repnice“ Pudvoi and “repnica“ pri Peču.

Winegrowing region invites you in the winter, so in Mc hostel Brezice we prepared a special winter package EXPERIENCE “REPNICE” for 20€/person. More than favorable price includes accommodation with breakfast in a double room, entrance fees and wine tasting in “repnica” and rent bikes or Nordic walking poles. Experience repnice, where the past meets the present. 

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