Thursday, 5 December 2013

Spend Christmas In Radovljica

Experience Radovljica's Christmas atmosphere, with hundreds of lights twinkling in Linhart Square and green garlands surrounding the entrances to houses. Whilst the winter air might be cold, the holiday spirit warms and awakens sleepy Radovljica.

The stalls on the advent market, which are set up in the shelter of the Baroque Mansion House, will sag with all the products produced by Slovene craftsmen. There is nothing more pleasant than a meander through rows of stalls, walking among the numerous visitors, towards the smell of hot tea and freshly baked delights. Something inviting is coming from the Renaissance Vidic House – Hostel Radovljica. It is not only the tempting smells which will lure you. Open the door and find yourself in a warm place which will evoke memories of visits you enjoyed once upon a time to your grandmother or aunt; where each of the thousands of objects remind you of something, maybe a special moment from life or an interesting story, which you don't want to forget. Without hesitation you can choose one of the delicious treats on offer, sit on one of the old, comfy sofas and then be transported back to those old, safe times. Those feelings are also experienced by the visitors to the Youth Hostel in Vidic House as the rooms are also similarly pleasant, warm and spacious. On every table in the house, you will be able to read through a list of the varied programme of December events in the Radovljica area, none of which are far away; in a neighbouring village or just a few metres away in the town square, in St. Peter's Church, in the Radovljica Mansion House or in Linhart Hall.

Youth Hostel Radovljica
Performances by individual musicians and larger concerts with masters await. Orchestras will play and the voices of the harmonious choirs will resound. In the square, in front of the rectory, children can ride fairytale horses, wonder at the St.Bernard shepherds or even spend the morning playing traditional games under the sparkling Christmas tree.

Cuisine, culture, tradition and good company, all come together at this time in our small town, creating a wonderful Christmas, which you can spend in Radovljica.

Radovljica Tourist Information Centre
Linhartov trg 9, 4240 Radovljica
T: + 386 (0)4 531 51 12,
M: + 386 (0)40 460 675

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