Friday, 3 January 2014

Let a town to tell you his story

Brezice is a small town that offers many rich and interesting stories. A walk through the old town Brežice tells many stories that were woven by the residents of the city. Suddenly you find yourself in a time when the old town  was still the center of action. Visiting the major sights in the city center and stopping  at City Hall to taste the best local wines delicacies, are an excellent opportunity for a winter vacation in a different way.

In the German house, which was built in the northern renaissance arhitecture style, you can feel  how residents had fun in the painted hall and inn room with bar at masquerades, balls, public festivites and concerts. The path leads us to the National House, which was famous for garden theater performances and concerts. Opposite of the National House, starts the street Stara Pravda, which is a semi - circular route and it begins by the castle at the southern city gates.  A part of the eastern city walls from the 16th century is preserved only in the back sides of the houses along the street.  City walls were built due to the danger of the Turkish invasion and it was possible to enter town through the main northern and southern tower-shaped gate and smaller eastern gates. The row of low houses finishes with the water tower.

Water tower and Street Stara Pravde
The water tower is a wonderful monument that attracts every visitor of the town Brezice. It is 46 meters high and mainly circular. It has four smaller balconies, with an octagonal reservoir on top and covered by octagonal pyramid roof. The water was built to serve as a means of urban water supply in the early 19th century. The water was pumped into the high tower collector that ensured an adequate water pressure in the network. Today you can have coffee or a refreshing drink inside and you can let this romantic building to tell you her story.

Brežice castle
The Brežice castle was built in the 11th century  and hides a  wide range of stories.  The specialty of the castle is a beautiful Knight's Hall, decorated with baroque frescoes. It is the largest in this part of Europe and must not to be overlooked by travelers. The castle now houses Posavski Museum, where you can see archaeological, ethnological, art history and the recent history collection.

Town Hall Brežice
The best way to conclude your walk around Brezice is to visit the Town Hall Brezice, which was once the center of the town authorities and excellence. Today's Town Hall is a meeting point of the past and the present, past and future. Although the visitors may at first glance feel that the building is only a monument to its history, this is far from the case. With a great atmosphere and a wide selection of wines in the wine cellar and a unique urban store with domestic products, it invites you to finish your stroll through Brezice right here.

Youth Hostel Brežice
Come to Mc hostel Brezice, located just a few meters away from the old town and we will organise you an exciting and unforgettable guided sightseeing  in Brežice and guided tasting of the best local wines in the Town Hall. Let the town Brežice to tell you his story.

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