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Seaside in spring

There are many reasons why Istria is one of the nicest destinations to spend the holidays. Its people are open and friendly. The coastal towns of Koper, Izola and Piran, with a rich history in salt making and fishing, proudly show-off their Venetian style and colorful narrow streets, which are crowded by natives and during warmer months, also with tourists. The proximity of the sea simply makes it glow when the sun is shining.

Piran, view from City wall (Author - Barbara Kožar);
The hinterland is characterized by vineyards and olive tree fields on evergreen hills with extra virgin olive oil and superb Malvazija and Refošk wines as its main local products. You can taste the Istrian flavors by visiting a wine cellar or simply by visiting a local bistro where you can also taste an asparagus frittata, prosciutto or a typical corn minestrone - the bobići.

Hinterland villages are also known for their village festivities that start in spring and last throughout the summer. The so-called “sagras” take place on a certain date in certain villages and will impress you with a homely atmosphere and its culinary offer.

Padna and Olive Oil (Author - Ubald Trnkoczy);
A variety of events take place in the summertime throughout the area. You can choose between cultural events, exhibitions and fairs and attend concerts in the evening. The biggest festivals organized by the Municipality of Koper are “Fešta na pomolu” (Fest on the dock) and “Sladka Istra” (Sweet Istria). The first one will offer you a vast variety of seafood while the other offers a variety of sweets and desserts from the whole country with a special importance given to the local products such as Refošk flavored ice cream or lavender chocolate candy.

Izola (Author - Ubald Trnkoczy);
Hostel Histria also offers you excursions to nearby nation-wide known attractions, such as Škocjan caves, known for their amazing karst underground world and are entered on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites. Another destination is Sečovlje Solie Nature Park, the oldest and still active salt pans in Slovenia, where you can explore life in the saltpans or its flora and fauna. You can also buy salt, made in a 700 year-old tradition, which is as good for cooking as it is good for a bath.

A novelty in Hostel Histria's additional offer are boat trips to Venice. The whole day long excursion includes a two hour long ride on open sea with an hour-long view of the town from the boat. Venice is a world famous town where there are no streets, but sea channels, and is built on little islands. It is also known for its rich architecture, glass making in Murano, its carnival or the film festival as well as the arts and architecture biennale. 

Venice (Author - Igor Jurišič)
You can experience all that on a trip or holiday in the Slovenian Istria. Hostel Histria offers you accommodation in a renewed typically Istrian house, situated in Koper's town centre. The friendly staff will do its best to offer you all the information needed. The hostel offers multiple-bed rooms on 3 floors with free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel area and a computer. Sheets are included in the price while towels are available to lease. Enjoy spring by the sea.

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