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Lily of The Valley Festival - “festival solzic “

Lily of The Valley Festival is planning to connect local people and towns into a celebration, as a compliment to Prežihov Voranc, nature, people and cultural tradition beneath Uršlja gora. 

Lily of the valley festival is a new event in Koroška. It’s content is inspired by the heritage of Prežihov Voranc, and the way of living beneath Uršlja gora, as well as natural and cultural heritage in this area. In the end of May the festival, as a tourist attraction will bring together local towns and people into a celebration of Koroška. 

The festival will be held between the dates of 22nd and 25th of May, in the area beneath Uršlja gora. In the first two days, it will take place in Ravne na Koroškem and the last two days in Kotlje and “Prežihova bajta” – Lovro Kuhar’s memorial museum.  The festival brings numerous cultural events as well as entertainment and attracts a large audience with its programme.

Mitja Šipek, a local and a metallurgist with a soul of an artist and a profound ear for written and spoken dialect in Koroška, once wrote; “Koroški smo zmerom za muster bili”. These words were turned into music by a local singer-songwriter Milan Kamnik and spread across Koroška and further. They also spread to Austria, to the three valleys which we have lost in the 1920’s plebiscite, the Rož, Podjuna and Zilja valleys. The moral of this song which describes the local area, its wonderful people and beautiful surroundings has been captured into the festival which in its purpose represents the authenticity of Koroška and its way of living and forms a mosaic, made from the lives in the Mežiška, Mislinjska and Dravska valleys and its twelve municipalities which are in Koroška today. 

Mislinja Valley (Author - Tomo Jeseničnik );

Some of the events:

Thursday, May 22nd (18:30): opening of the festival in front of the city hall in Ravne, followed by a culture programme (including a photographic exhibition “Poklon Uršlji gori” by Sebastjan Oblak) and performance of Ravne’s famous wind orchestra accompanied by Helena Blagne (Ravne square – “Trg”).

Friday, May 23rd: (around noon) an exhibition and performance of some of the primary schools in the pleasant surroundings of Ravne’s square. In the afternoon there will be  lectures on wood, water, butterflies beneath Uršlja gora and plants and flowers with the healing effect (Restaurant Lečnik; terrace). In the afternoon Ravne square will be filled with the creations of amateur painters called “Vražje pemzlarke”. In the evening, Ravne’s wind orchestra will host Tereza Kesovija. Dinner beneath Lilies of valley will be served on the terrace of Restaurant Lečnik and is payable. Information and reservations available by phone: 041/759 490.

Saturday, May 24th, there will be a flower market, millennium photography, parachutists, cultural perpetuum mobile, written work at Prežih’s memorial museum, followed by Jazz performance in the evening at Toni’s (restaurant and local pub). The evening will be filled with music which originates from Koroška, in Kotlje’s town centre. 

Sunday, May 25th will begin with the cultural perpetuum mobile. There will be over 200 singers, joined in music and dancing, performing three songs titled: Rož, Podjuna, Zilja; Lipa and Dan Ljubezni. The festival will continue with Lily of the Valley dedicated to peace, call for peace, guest of honour and KOTL’JADO (cooking of an authentic stew). The day will end in the company of fairy-tale creatures from Koroška ( Perkmandeljs, Leški škrat, Dežela škratov Slovenj Gradec and Povodni mož) carrying a special message for adults!

Special attention will be given to Milenijska fotografija on Saturday at 12 o’clock. It is a form of directed photography created by a well-known Croatian photographer Šime Strikoman. There will be a shape of a Lily of the valley marked on a meadow near the Hrvat farm and people will be placed in this particular shape. Afterwards, the photographer, positioned on a fireman’s ladder 30 meters high will take photos. The participants in this photograph will be asked to wear white clothing which will symbolize Lily of the valley’s blossoms.  On this occasion we ask all people willing to participate, to join us in creating this photograph.

From beneath Uršlja gora we will send a Lily of the valley dedicated to peace as well as the call for peace into the world. The first Lily of the valley will be given to the president of Slovenia, who is considered to be the leading representative for peace. Without peace in the world, there is no live, no work, no health and no pleasure… Other Lilies of the valley will find its place in all cities all over the world, which are considered as Messengers of Peace. Koroška has this legitimacy: The Turkish invasions, WWI, the fight for Carinthia and Styria under general Maister and its devoted helper Franjo Malgaj, WWII - which ended in Koroška and Slovenia’s war for independence (border crossing Holmec).

Wreath made from Lilies of the valley serves as a dedication to those, who have contributed the most in promoting Koroška and Slovenia. An event named “Ta Gurši Gvant” (the most beautiful dress) will be held on Sunday and will take place simultaneously with all other events (from 10:00 to 14:00). At 14:00 there will be the proclamation of the winner. The winner will have to be wearing the most beautiful clothing from the past or be dressed in Koroška’s traditional costume. The purpose of this event is to point out those, who will attend the event in traditional costumes or clothing from the time of Prežihov Voranc or any other clothing suitable to the theme of the festival. With their outfit, visitors will be given the chance to honor the festival.

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Youth Hostel Punkl
Organizer of the event: 
Zavod za kulturo, šport, turizem in mladinske dejavnosti Ravne na Koroškem.

General information: 
TIC Ravne na Koroškem 
Gozdarska pot 18
2390 Ravne na Koroškem
Tel/fax: +386 (2) 82 21 219

Written by: Renata Picej

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