Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Festival Brezice, my town

In Brezice we will welcome summer with the festival “Brezice, my town”, which will take place from 24th until 29th of June.  A number of entertainment, cultural and sports events invite all ages, from the youngest to those of more mature years.

In the early days of the festival there will be a lot of diverse smaller events such as stand-up comedy, drum-painting spectacle, bread and salami in the castle courtyard and a Day of wine.

The old town center will come alive on Friday evening when the rich concert scene will be opened by a "Summer Night" with Slovenian stars Elda Viler, Oto Pestner, Maja Keuc and the host of the event Nusa Derenda. An unforgettable conclusion of the evening will be in the hands of a legendary Croatian band Hladno pivo. The following Saturday evening a Slovenian electro-swing ensemble Manouche will perform on the big stage and the musical experience of this year will be concluded with a performance of the pop queen Severina! 

For visitors and their gastronomic experience shall be taken care of with a culinary project “ Kuhna Na Ulci”, which will be implemented by the established methods of "Street Food" cuisine.

During the festival there will be a lot of events for children as well as for sports enthusiasts. The event Hypo kindergarten for children will happen in the embrace of a city park. We will run with Olympic athlete Primoz Kozmus and the bravest hikers will be embarked on a three-day journey to our site within the event “Mars Bresce".

The festival will conclude on the water terrace at First Wake Park on Boršt. 

Mc hostel Brezice, a hostel for all generations, prepared great discounts during the festival. It is located near the city park and only a few minutes away from the castle Brezice and the city center so visitors can be constantly in touch with the latest happenings at the festival. 

Mc hostel Brezice and festival “Brezice, my town” invite you to join them and dive in the summer together. 

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