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Kamnik. Another world. So close.

Kamnik is one of the oldest Slovene towns, situated at the foot of the Kamnik Alps, offering its visitors many adventures - not only in its old town center but also in its picturesque surroundings with breathtaking views, unspoiled nature and well preserved cultural heritage.

Kamnik is a town of kind people, tradition, history and wealthy heritage with a warm soul, to which you are kindly invited, for a stroll through its riches and its beautiful surroundings.

Author-Matej Vranič;
Your first stop should be the old town center and the Kamnik Tourist Information Center on Main Square. Here you will get firsthand information about its sights and a town map so that you can easily find your way while sightseeing. Visit the Mali grad chapel and the enchanted countess Veronica the symbol of Kamnik, who is still guarding a treasure in the ruins of Mali grad, waiting for her savior.

Author-Aleš Frelih;
The spring of Kamniška Bistrica River is a wonderful destination. You can take a walk around the small lake at the spring and watch how crystal clear water rushes out of rocks. For those who prefer scenic views a visit to the perfect world of Alpine beauties, the valley of river Kamniška Bistrica, and hike up the breathtaking mountains in a must. You can also spend active days on the unique plateau of Velika planina with its historic and well-preserved settlement of shepherd’s huts. The herdsmen’s settlement on Velika planina is one of the few settlements of this size in Europe. Its distinctive architecture became a symbol of this mountain plateau and it attracts numerous visitors all year round. The roofs of cottages are covered with wooden shingles that almost touch the ground.

Author-Aleš Fevžer;
The idyllic valley of Tuhinj offers you a chance to be pampered in Snovik, the highest altitude thermal spa in Slovenia. Find a whole new level of energy at the Natural Healing Resort in the village of Tunjice and take a walk through the magnificent and colorful environment of Arboretum Volčji potok where you can take a stroll among the numerous plantations of various flowers and more than 3000 sorts of trees and shrubs from around the world. For the gentleman who likes to keep an active life style the Arboretum offers a golf course, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Slovenia.

Tunjice; Archive - Natural healing resorts
In Zgornje Palovče you can visit Budnar museum House, an old homestead with a black kitchen built 350 years ago.  Nevlje is yet another interesting village waiting to be explored. Archaeological excavations on Romšaks field in Vrhpolje prove that people lived here already in Prehistoric Times. In the middle of the 20th century, workers who were building a new bridge on this site came across some extraordinary stumps. Experts later found that these were actually bones of a mammoth which lived here about 20.000 years ago.

Kamnik is a lively town, close to its people and the site of numerous events. The Traditional National Costume Festival is an annual event that takes place during the second weekend of September and attracts the largest number of visitors. The town and its surroundings also offer a splendid selection of typical local dishes, united under “The Taste of Central Slovenia”. Embraced by Kamnik-Savinja Alps and so close to Ljubljana (only 25 km) an unforgettable experience of the mountains, the countryside and a medieval town awaits you. Discover rich cultural tradition or just boost your energy. Search for hidden corners of Kamnik and its surroundings or just simply “taste” Kamnik.

And last but not least Kamnik also tends to budget travelers with a modern HI Hostel Pod Skalo, which offers 9 two-bedded rooms, a three-bedded room and from this year forth a room for ten people. All guests get free Wi-Fi access, a secure bike shed (also for motorbikes), shuttle transport to the airport and tourist destinations in Kamnik and it even features a local pub where you can get a drink or play table soccer or throw darts. Nearby you can also find an open air swimming pool (for the summer), tennis courts and beach volley.

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1240 Kamnik
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