Monday, 16 June 2014

Soča Outdoor Festival

The Festival's second edition will offer an unforgettable flow on the water, in the air, on trails and evening parties. Cyclists will be searching for this exciting state of mind on the numerous trails across mountain pastures of the Soča valley, and find their peace cycling on The Walk of Peace. You will be able to join organized tours with experienced guides, or satisfy your competitive spirit in the Soča MTB Marathon, the Eliminator or this year's innovation – SloEndure Race. The valley and its attractive running paths are already trembling with anticipation. We expect the recreational runners to take over the beautiful trails along Soča on the Vzajemna Alpe Adria Run. Those more passionate will have the opportunity to compete on Soča Trail Run which will be especially spiced up this year.

Tolmin, Kobarid 4. - 6. 2014;
The challenging days will end with evening entertainment, such as the Climbing race and the parties with live music in Kobarid. This town already proved to be a suitable host to the adrenaline spectacle. Tolmin has already gained recognition as a festival town and we will try come up to its past standards, set by the previous music festivals. From the morning on, the visitors will be encouraged and entertained with electronic music played by several DJs, while the main stage in Kobarid will be reserved for outstanding music bands. There is no doubt that many of the sports people and their teams will have enough energy left to partake in the late-night Afterpaties.

The festival will also be family-friendly with special riverside places where animation and day care for children will be organized.

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