Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A land of stone with soft heart

Nature and karst phenomena are main highlights of the Green Karst. The stone landscape is shaped by water, which carves through the stone creating unique landscape intertwined with thousands of caves. Every cave is special and offers unique visitors experience. The caves such as Postojna cave, Križna cave and Planinska cave will leave you speechless while you explore the mysterious underground of the Green Karst. 

The Pivka in Black Caves; 
Seasonal lakes of the Green Karst are another natural wonder. These mysterious lakes appear and disappear depending on the season. The Cerknica Lake is the largest seasonal lake in Europe and more than 17 smaller lakes can be found in the Pivka valley. You can take a bike and cycle around the entire region, visiting Jezerski hram – Cerknica lake interpretation centre and Ecomuseum of Pivka seasonal lakes, where you will find out how lakes form, learn about the flora and fauna and see how the nature influenced everyday life in the past. 

Cerknica Lake;
Nature and locals have always been tightly connected. Museums, collections and castles tell the stories of the life in the past. You can take a walk down the Krpan hiking trail, following the footsteps of the mighty salt smuggler, who defeated the Turk army. Castles Predjama, Snežnik and Prem stand as reminders of a thousand year old history taking you back to the age of knights and dragons.

Snežnik Castle;
A unique place to visit is the Park of military history in Pivka, a tourist and museum centre, where tanks, aeroplanes and even a submarine tell the story of a turbulent 20th century.

Park of Military History Pivka;
Lakes, forests, mountains and caves offer many possibilities for activities during summer. Take your time and enjoy in the peaceful fishing, bird watching or wildlife photo shooting. Take a ride with a hay cart or explore the Green Karst on a horseback, with bicycle or on foot. Soar into the air, visit the mountains, swim in the lakes and descend into the mysterious underground.

The city of Postojna offers accommodation for budget travelers in Proteus Youth Hostel where you can hire a single and double room or bed in 3-bedded dorm. The youth hostel Proteus is situated in the hundred year old park in the center of Postojna, not far away from the entrance to the Postojna cave. Close by there are also tennis, basketball and volleyball courts and football field. Children will enjoy visiting the neat playground in the sport park.

Youth Hostel Proteus
Furmanski praznik (Carting day) in Postojna, 8.7.2014 is a traditional ethnological event, which revives the old customs from the land of horse and cart drivers.  A procession of vehicles of various types with horse teams is accompanied by the demonstrations of old Slovenian crafts and food connected to the horse and cart driving.

Zmaj ma mlade (The dragon has young): A traditional festival of cultural events (music, film, theatre)
RDO Postojnska jama - Zeleni kras

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