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Metlika, region where you can discover the natural treasures

The town on the sunny side of the Gorjanci mountain range developed on the natural pier among three streams and was granted town rights in 1365. Once the centre of the border region Metlika March, Metlika had many firsts throughout its history the first firefighting brigade, the first reading society, the first loan and savings bank in the Dolenjska and Bela krajina region, the first youth sport movement Sokol in Bela krajina, as well as one of the oldest wind bands in Slovenia.

“Plac” as people call the old town centre of Metlika with three connecting squares takes you by surprise with its abundance of cultural heritage. The road from Novo mesto via the Vahta pass leads to Metlika, a town with a population of 3500 people. From here roads lead to all places in Bela krajina, while the main road leads to Croatia and all the way to the Adriatic. Metlika is situated only a kilometre from the river Kolpa and the international border crossing.

In Metlika region you can discover the natural treasures (river Kolpa, Vinomer birch trees, Zdenc-Vidovec caves, Urbanova path, fishpond Prilozje,…), cultural and historical heritage (Tri Fare Pilgrimage in Rosalnice, Metlika old town core, DC3 airplane, vineyard cottage „Soseska zidanica“Drašiči, The Greek Catholic Church of St. Cyril and Methodius,  Slovenian Fire Fighting Museum of Dr. Branko Božič, Kambič Gallery, Metlika People’s Library, Archaeological heritage of Podzemelj,…). 

Dramelj, Kolpa  (Author - Dunja Wedam ); www.slovenia.info

Active in nature
The nature of Bela krajina excites at first sight, but it becomes unforgettable when you come back for new active experiences. It surprises with recreational and sport challenges in every season. Take home lovely memories. Get on the go in the world of pure waters, numerous trails and scenic heights. People who visit Bela krajina can go boating, fishing, walking, running, cycling, hiking, skiing and experience Bela krajina from the sky.

A fisherman (Author - Dunja Wedam ); www.slovenia.info

Vinska vigred (tradition of Bela krajina)
The Vinska vigred festival has been the biggest Slovenian cultural, tourist and wine festival for more than 30 years. Over a period of three days, the three squares of the Metlika old town centre are filled with vibrant events. Visitors can taste the award-winning wines, attend workshops and learn how to make typical Bela krajina flatbread called “belokranjska pogača”, visit the exhibition of special local handicraft and the exhibition of culinary specialities made by the society of farmwomen, or visit a museum or a gallery. During the festival, the selection of the queen of Metliška črnina wine and the presentation of the highest awarded Bela krajina wines take place.

Bela krajina wine tourist road
Bela krajina is one of the most interesting Slovenian wine-growing districts. Its mild climate and diverse soil enable the production of top-quality wines (Metliška črnina, Belokranjec and Portugalka wine, ice wine…) labelled PTP (wines with recognized traditional denomination). You can taste many of them along the Bela krajina wine road that connects wine growers of Črnomelj, Metlika and Semič, tourist farms and other providers of typical local culinary and other products.

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