Thursday, 10 July 2014

Visit Ljubljana this summer and meet Romans in Emona

If you take a bus 5, 9 or 13 it will drop you off at the BIT Center - Ljubljana Hostel at the bus stop called Emona. You are probably asking why this is important. Emona was the name of the Roman colony located in what today is Ljubljana and visiting the city this year will guarantee you a truly unique experience.
The city is celebrating 2000 years since the establishment of the Roman colony Iulia Emona by organizing numerous activities that commemorate these two millennia of the colony throughout the summer and beyond.

From 30 May 2014 till 31 May 2015 the City museum of Ljubljana will host the exhibition Emona: A City of the Empire which will provide a comprehensive overview of the Roman city, where you will learn about the rise and fall of the colony, everyday life of its inhabitants and much more. 

Ljubljana (Author - P.Hieng);
There are still remains of Romans in Ljubljana, most notably the Roman wall located in the city centre, which is a popular spot for climbers. You can take a glimpse of these remnants by visiting the photo exhibition that will be placed in the Tivoli Park from 1 July till 1 September or you can find them yourself. You can even take a night tour around Emona escorted by a Roman legionary to provide for your safety.

The central Market - Ljubljana (Author - M.Tancic);
In the weekend from 22 to 24 August the events will climax in dancing and Roman judicial trials. Finally, you will get a taste of a real battle between barbarians and Roman legionaries that will be staged by historical actors. Also you will witness gladiators fighting for life and glory.

Youth Hostel Ljubljana
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