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“VISIT PREKMURJE - Getting Around,” a mobile guide to the sights of Prekmurje.

Dear traveler, during your stay in one of our hostels, Youth Hostel Murska Sobota or Youth Hostel Radenci, you can use the “VISIT PREKMURJE - Getting Around” app to prepare your trip to Prekmurje, the north-eastern region of Slovenia. You can also explore the sights via your smart phone or tablet. The guide features nearly one hundred cultural, historical and natural items, described in detail, including pictures and contact information, and GPS coordinates.

VISIT PREKMURJE - Getting Around
About Prekmurje
Prekmurje is the north-eastern region of Slovenia. Geographically separated from the rest of  the country by the river Mura, it borders Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The regional centre is the city of Murska Sobota; the second biggest city is Lendava. Although Prekmurje is mostly lowlands, it also has woods and rolling hills – Goričko, to the north of Murska Sobota, and the wine-growing region around Lendava – Lendavske gorice. The plains between Murska Sobota and the Mura River, dotted with wheat fields, are called Ravensko, and the territory near Lendava is called Dolinsko.

From the 11th century on, Prekmurje was almost always in the hands of foreign powers - Austria, Croatia or, most significantly, Hungary. The inhabitants of Prekmurje always considered themselves Slovenes, despite social and political efforts to form a greater Hungary through repression of the Slovenian population.  In 1919, at the end of World War I, Prekmurje, together with the rest of Slovenia, joined the Kingdom of SCS, the precursor to Yugoslavia. Centuries of foreign rule, proximity to several nations, religious diversity as well as a strong local identity all contributed to the formation of the local dialect-- the Prekmurje language.

Prekmurje is rich in natural resources, such as thermal and mineral water, and boasts great biodiversity; it is the habitat of many rare plant and animal species. As well as having its own unique dialect, Prekmurje is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage. Many sacred and architectural monuments evidence the development of the region and life of its inhabitants through history. The preservation of centuries-old crafts and national traditions, as well as the excellent Prekmurje cuisine and local wines, connect Prekmurje to its past, and create useful guidelines to the future.

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