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Welcome to the city of steel and flowers

On the sunny side of the Julian Alps is the town of Jesenice, famous for its ironwork industry and steel tradition. Sport fans know Jesenice especially as the home town of Slovenian hockey and boldness of its players and supporters. Jesenice also feature one of the most beautiful town centres – Stara Sava, combining cultural heritage with modern industrial architecture. 

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The rich and diverse history of Jesenice not only influenced the inhabitants who live and work here, but also the town itself. Numerous preserved cultural monuments and façades of buildings in the town as well as many historical finds and preserved records encourage visitors to go sightseeing around the town and its surroundings and to explore it in detail. 

Beautiful town centres – Stara Sava (Author: Bogdan Bricelj )
Natural beauties in the town surroundings, wonderful mountain villages, the nearby Karavanke mountains, rivers and streams, ski slopes and forest paths easily attract curious tourists eager to learn more, charm them and gives them new strength.

Stara Sava
The protected museum area of the former ironworks settlement includes the Bucelleni-Ruard Manor, the Jesuit Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Kasarna workers' building, the former charcoal warehouse and other remaining ironwork plants. These buildings are connected with a renovated square that is becoming the new centre of social events in Jesenice, a place where people gather and meet.

Daffodil plains
In May, the slopes of the West Karavanke mountains are whitened by the Poet's daffodils. This flower originates from the genus Narcissus, its Latin name is Narcissus poeticus subs. radiflorus. The white plains stretch across the meadows of the villages Plavški Rovt, Prihodi, Planina pod Golico and Javorniški Rovt. Daffodils are the sign of Jesenice.

Zois Park in Pristava
The Zois Park in Pristava in Javorniški Rovt features numerous traces of the ancient life of this area. The fossilized flora and fauna, cultural heritage of the town, spruce forests and the forest educational path, the Karl Zois botanical garden, three lakes full of small living creatures and the nearby hiking paths offer visitors a number of possibilities for actively spending their free time featuring exploration and education.

Mountaineering and cycling
The nearby West Karavanke mountains are perfect for mountain hiking due to its sunny position, wide hiking areas and wonderful view of the Julian Alps and Carinthia. Golica is not only one of the greenest of the Karavanke mountains, but also a world-famous mountain praised in the most famous polka of all times, Na Golici by the Avsenik brothers. You can also go hiking on the Mežakla plateau, which offers a wonderful view of the Karavanke. 

Golica (Author: Miro Podgoršek)

The municipality of Jesenice also features numerous cycling paths connecting Jesenice with Kranjska Gora, Bled, Žirovnica and Radovljica. The paths are suitable for families and for more demanding cycling enthusiasts.  

Podmežakla Sports Hall
The Podmežakla Sports Park is the central sports and recreation venue in the Upper Sava Valley, providing a wide range of sports activities all year round. Its main sports facility is the Podmežakla Sports Hall that hosted the 2013 European Basketball Championship - EuroBasket 2013. The hall provides physical education for schools, recreational hockey, figure skating, ice bowling, curling and table tennis and also hosts in-line hockey and other sporting competitions. The multi-purpose venue also allows for the organisation of concerts, fun games for organised groups and other social events.

Jesenice is only 21 km away from Kranjska Gora, where you will find the Youth Hostel Nika, and only 18 km away from Bled, where you can book a quality and comfortable bed in a Youth Hostel Bledec.

Cesta maršala Tita 18
4270 Jesenice
T: 04 586 31 78

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