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Active autumn in Idrija Geopark

Idrija Geopark, which includes the Municipality of Idrija, is an area with exceptional geological features and other natural and cultural heritage, unique to Slovenia. For over 500 years, since the discovery of mercury, the history and development of Idrija and its surroundings have been inseparably linked to mercury mining, and world's second largest mercury mine. This rich heritage of mining (together with Almadén, Spain) is inscribed on UNESCO`s List of World Heritage. 

Anthony`s shaft  (photo-Jani Peternelj);
Alongside the well-preserved heritage, Idrija and its surroundings offer much more: diverse and unspoilt nature and an abundance of cultural tradition in the town and nearby countryside.

Take a tour along the thematic trails of Idrija Geopark

Idrija Geopark area offers 22 interconnecting thematic cycling and walking trails. In just one day, visitors can cycle and walk a variety of trails and tours and adapt them to their abilities and equipment. Biking and hiking around Idrija Geopark is not just an active leisure experience around Idrija; with a variety of thematic trails highlighting the natural and cultural features of Idrija's distinctive rural areas, even the biggest sports fans will not want to miss out. In addition, there are many rural tourist offers providing genuine local refreshments along the way. All these thematic trails are marked on the free Geopark map.

Idrijske Krnice (photo-Gregor Kacin);
For those looking for active leisure time activities during the autumn months, we have prepared several exciting packages for the Geopark thematic trails. Packages are suitable for both individuals and families.


1. Day
Arrival at Hostel Idrija and check-in.
Visit the old part of Idrija town

Idrija (Photo - Jani Peternelj);

2. Day
Visit to the Idrija Municipal Museum at Gewerkenegg Castle 
Visit the Kamšt - an old water pump with the oldest wooden water driven wheel
Walk the Geopark “Along rake” thematic trail
A traditional Idrija lunch 
Cycle tour along the Geopark  “Krniška plateau”  thematic trail 
Dairy products tasting at a local farm - upon request

Idrijski žlikrofi (Photo-Geopark Idrija);

3. Day
Visit Antony´s Shaft Tourist Mine
Cycle tour along  the Geopark “Vojsko - highest lying village in the region of Primorska” thematic trail
Visit to the Slovenia Partisan Printing Shop
Visit to the WW II partisan burial ground at Vojščica
Visit to Hudournik
Visit to Brdo farm, Brdar waterfall and Gačnik marshes

Bučke( Photo-Gregor Kacin);

The price for this package is 61.60€ per person for 2 overnights in Youth Hostel Idrija in a double room, all tickets as in the programme, additional charge –  transport (people & luggage), hire of  a tour guide

YOUTH HOSTEL IDRIJA – accommodation for Cyclists and Hikers

The area of Idrija Geopark is a place of many beauties – natural and cultural, exhibitions, galleries etc. To get a feel for the town and its surroundings, we invite you to visit us for a few days, staying overnight at the budget Youth Hostel Idrija. The hostel is beautifully located on a hill offering fine views of the star shaped town valley. Your morning coffee in the heart of the town is just a 5-minute walk away. Youth Hostel Idrija offers double rooms, three- or four-bed rooms, or a group room for 8 people. There are shared bathrooms and toilets.

Youth Hostel Idrija
The hostel provides you with fresh linen and towels, free parking in front of the hostel and free WI-FI at your disposal. 

For cyclists and hikers, the hostel offers: information about Idrija and its surroundings, a secure room for sport equipment, possibilities to hire a cycling or hiking guide, option to hire transport for cyclists and hikers and their equipment.


Pozdrav z Vrhov (Greetings from the Tops in Idrijske Krnice, 27 Sept): Doors Open Day of farm producers and providers from Idrijske Krnice. 

14. Vzpon na Hleviše (the 14th ascend to the Hleviše, 27 Sept): A biking and running event, organised by Tekaško-smučarski klub Idrija (Running-and-skiing club). The trail leads you up the slopes all the way to the mountain hut at the Hleviše hill. 

Življenje nekoč in danes (Living in the past and now, Kanomlja, 28 Sept): Doors Open Day at Šturmajce homestead in Kanomlja and workshops connected to autumn farming activities as well as to life style of the past times. 

Sklekljana pravljica (Fairy tale made of lace, Idrija, 30 Sept): Fairy tale telling for pre-school children together with a creative workshop. 

V srebrnem mestu so njihove sledi (In the mercury town their traces have remained, Idrija, 30 Sept): a literary evening by Literarno društvo Ris (literary association) about personalities that have left their own and unique traces in Idrija and its history. 

Muzej v šoli (A museum in school, Črni Vrh nad Idrijo, 1 Oct): Opening of an exhibition with a public guided tour together with Črni Vrh nad Idrijo primary school pupils. 

Srečanje z geološko zgodovino ob reki Idrijci (Meeting the geological past along the Idrijca river, Idrija, 1 Oct): An exhibition of the colourful geological features along the Idrijca river and a workshop of decorative stone polishing in the Anthony's Shaft entrance building. 

Plonkanje od A do Ž (Cheating off A to Z, Idrija, 2 Oct): Exhibition and presentation of the research paper on cheating off in the Municipal museum Idrija. 

Pekov figov kruh (Baker's fig bread, Spodnja Idrija, 3 Oct): Dramatisation and fig bread baking workshop, organised by Spodnja Idrija primary school and Fara tourist association. 

Godovič in 1. sv. vojna (Godovič and WW1, Godovič, 3 Oct): Guided tour of the unfinished railway tunnel, a film presentation and an exhibition. 

2. vzpon za pokal Tanje Žakelj (The 2nd Tanja Žakelj Ascend, Spodnja Idrija, 4 Oct): Biking and running ascend from Spodnja Idrija to Ledine. Named after Tanja Žakelj, a local from Ledine, a several time World, European and National mountain biking champion. 

Pridelava in predelava lanu na Črnovrški planoti (Flax grown and treated on the Črni Vrh plateau, Črni Vrh nad Idrijo, 4 Oct): Presentation of the traditional ways of treating flax using so-called flax caves and the beginning of the revival of the old traditions shown in pictures. 

Ljudje v gibanju (People in movement, Idrija, 4 Oct): photography workshop with professional photographer Iztok Bončina. 

Visit Idrija Geopark and discover the never-ending creative power of nature and human mind. Enjoy fresh air, magnificent views, our hospitality and interesting stories, created by nature and by the people who live here.

We welcome you!

More informations:
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