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In Velenje we have a new town promenade, Pippi Longstocking Festival, and more…

Velenje, with its surroundings and renewed city center, offers a variability of options, for all who love nature, culture and events. If you like lying around along the riverbank, reading a book with the sound of water babbling, dipping your feet in the water, or eating ice cream under the trees, Velenje is the right choice for you. 

Velenje (Author: Pirtovšek Gregor);
With the renovation of the promenade, the city got a modern and attractive place for walking, meetings and socializing. The new city promenade accentuates and exploits natural qualities of the space. It represents a new and modern urban equipment that compliments the renovation.  

The difference between “before” and “after” is more than noticeable. With the construction of a new two-storey parking garage with140 parking spaces, 3 business premises and public toilets, an easier access to the services of the Health Center Velenje is enabled.

The old promenade of Velenje city, which was constructed in the middle seventies of the 20th century, due to outdated equipment, needed an urban renovation. Its previous image was degraded due to the deposit of materials and outdated urban equipment, where with time, the building entrances started to lose their identity. 

Velenje (Author: Kambič Miran);
A few months of fence around the area, noise, dust, machinery on footpaths, and more, were worth the patience. The Mayor of the Municipality of Velenje Bojan Kontič, officially opened the renewed promenade on 22nd August 2014. 

Velenje, with its improved image, offers numerous projects for encouragement and development of tourism, and is becoming a recognizable regional destination. As a city with numerous interesting events, special architecture, rich cultural heritage and infinitive options for recreation and active leisure, it attracts more and more visitors every year. A lot of attention is paid to young generations.  

Youth center Velenje has been organizing the Festival of young cultures Kunigunda, every year in August, for more than 15 years. A witch from the Velenje castle attracts the creators of cultural events of various genres. The city hosts a variety of concerts, performances, exhibitions, digital installations, musical, creative and sports workshops, lectures, panel discussions and social meetings.. The events are mostly free, as the Festival’s goal is to introduce as many cultural events as possible which are fascinating mostly for young people. Although the Kunigunda Festival this year has just finished, you are invited to Velenj next year, when  Kunigunda will be with us again, in the last week of August. More information:

As Velenje is a young city, special attention is paid to children. From 21st to 27th September, we are hosting Pippi Longstocking in our city. Two red braids, freckles on the chicks and the nose, colorful socks and oversize shoes - that is Pippi! The Pippi who has won the hearts of all around the world. One week a year, everything in our city is about her! She is “in charge” of Velenje each year in September. For over two decades, it has been possible to meet this girl in colorful clothes on the largest children’s festival in Slovenia. For one week, when Pippi takes command of the city, children’s imagination gets bigger and bigger. The girl, who doesn’t want to grow up, invites her little friends to numerous exhibitions, workshops and adventures. More information:

Pippi Longstocking (Author: Ksenija Mikor);
For all of you, who will decide to bring your children to the largest children’s festival in Slovenia, we have prepared a special offer for a relaxing, fun and unforgettable family weekend in Velenje. More information: 

If you want to stay in Velenje, we recommend spending the night in Youth Hostel Velenje, which lies 500 m away from the city center and near the bus stop. Completely renewed building has 58 beds; from 2 to 6 beds per room. One part of the Hostel is adjusted for disabled people. Guests can spend their free time in the Youth center, which is located in the same building. Free Internet access.

Youth Hostel Velenje
You can go around the city by a free city bus LOKALC (you will recognize it, by his bright yellow color), but if you want to be even more environmentally friendly, we are offering you a special system for renting bikes. It’s called BICY, and the registration and its use are completely free. 

For all information on events and activities, you are welcome to visit the Tourist Information center in Vila Bianca.  

You are kindly invited to Velenje!

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SI-3320 Velenje
Telephone: 03 8961 860

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