Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Visit Prekmurje!

Dear travellers, during your stay at Youth Hostel Murska Sobota or at Youth Hostel Radenci you might wish to use the application “VISIT PREKMURJE – Getting Around” to plan your trip in Prekmurje. Recent additions to the cultural, historical and natural places of interest in Prekmurje are the amazing scenic photographs of Prekmurje, taken at the surrounding hills, together with their locations. Vantage points are presented according to their geographical positions: western and eastern Goričko, Dolinsko and Lendavske gorice.

You might wonder: “Vantage points in flatlands such as Prekmurje?!” Visit our web page http://visitprekmurje.com/ or find us on Facebook  and you will be in for a nice surprise! 

If you are planning to visit Prekmurje this autumn...   
In the vast vineyards of Prekmurje, the autumn is the most colourful and lively time of year. Here, wine-growing has a long tradition, and it is passed on from generation to generation. The whole year through, entire families work hard just to harvest the benefits of their work and to fill the barrels with fine wines, which are gaining recognition in the broader region due to their quality. 

In September and early October, relatives, friends and acquaintances gather for the grape harvest. The vineyards are full of happy faces, singing, the sounds of accordion and loud cheers can be heard, nostrils are filled with the pleasant smells of various goodies, and the last litres of last year’s excellent wine are being consumed. Only a few traditional wine presses can still be seen, yet the traditional Prekmurje warm hospitality and generosity still remain. This is also the reason why several tourists and other visitors, who like to hike in the vineyards, get here in the time of the grape harvest. It is very likely that the locals will offer you ‘perec’ (Prekmurje-style bagel), ‘potica’ (rolled bread with walnut, poppy-seed, etc., filling), ‘prekmurska gibanica’ (layered cake with apples, poppy seeds, cottage cheese and walnuts) or ‘bograč’ (Prekmurje-style stew), and proudly pour you a glass of last year’s wine. And, by all means, you should try the fresh must, which will eventually turn into wine. We believe we have provided you with many reasons to visit Prekmurje in the grape harvesting season and we are looking forward to your visit – when you can check all this out by yourself.

Available soon on Visitprekmurje.com
The next application update will bring several new points of interest added to those already presented for individual municipalities, together with their descriptions, photographs and their locations on the interactive map. The most heavily awaited update, of course, will be the VISIT PREKMURJE application for the Android operating system. This will finally bring the VISIT PREKMURJE application to the widest range of smart mobile device users as well. The launching is planned for the beginning of October.

We hope you will enjoy using our application.


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