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Zasavje, the smallest region in Slovenia

Zasavje is the smallest region in Slovenia, located in the central part of the country around 50 kilometers north-east from Ljubljana. There are three main towns in Zasavje – Hrastnik, Zagorje and its capital – Trbovlje.  The most well known site in that region is the highest chimney in Europe, located nearby Trbovlje, and the remains of miners, as the region used to be industrial. However, nowadays tourists can visit the mine and take a look around the miners houses located in several different colonies in Trbovlje. Visitors can check what the conditions of workers usual life were, by walking through the ethnological trail which starts in Njiva colony in the city centre and then continue to Zasavje museum. Other worth seeing places in the town are Saint Martin’s church from 13th century and the oldest house – Gradič. There is also a miner’s trail which you can follow by in the underground from Trbovlje to Hrastnik.

In other important town of Zasavje – Zagorje worth to visit is Europark. In the park there is a very good maintained "Herb garden of aunt Johanca" where you can find a lot of different species. During the summer, every Thursday’s evening you can take part in ‘Kino pod zvezdami’ and watch movies under the sky in the nice area full of nature and animals. Moreover in the neighborhood there are ruins of Gamberk, Medija and Kolovrat castles. It could be a good opportunity to organize a cycling trip around them and hills of Zasavje.

Zasavje is also full of nature. There are plenty of hills around the region so tourists can do many different activities, like hiking for example. The highest peak in the region called Kum is 1220 meters above sea level high and during good weather you can see a lot of surrounding hills, towns and also Ljubljana from the top. The whole area is protected as “Krajinski park Kum” and if you are lucky you can find some endemic species of plants and animals like the blind cave beetle which lives in that environment. There are a lot of trails and paths around Zasavje so you can explore smaller hills and be enraptured with the views from that area. 

The region is situated on the rugged and hilly terrain full of the mountains, valleys and gorges. Why don’t see them from above? One of the better ways to do that is paragliding. As the good topography conditions (slopes on four mountain ranges allow to take-off for gliders) and beautiful views are favorable – this is the best opportunity to sightseeing for those who are keen on in the adrenaline and adventures. The best places to start your flight above Zasavje are – Sveta Planina, Kal and Mrzlica over thousand meters high peaks.

Zasavje has its name because of the biggest river in Slovenia – Sava which flows through the region and makes picturesque rapids. Those who would like to feel the river and experience some unforgettable moments can take part in organized rafting tours. They start in Zagorje and end in Hrastnik and the route can be shortened or lengthened up to visitor’s wishes. The longest tour is 3 hours long and consists slower and faster moments, during that you can observe hills, valleys and the highest chimney from the boat.

As you can see Zasavje is a small region but you can do a lot of diverse activities from sightseeing, hiking or biking to more extreme ones like rafting or paragliding. You can enjoy the local nature and cuisine there. One day will not be enough to experience all of the attractions that Zasavje is offering to you. You should come and spend a weekend here, you will not regret it! Because the region is changing to a more touristic area it provides some diverse accommodation options. One of the best places to stay in is Youth Hostel in Trbovlje which ensures 6 different types of rooms for budget travelers. The hostel is new and modern and provides 3 two-bedded rooms, one studio/ensuite room for 4 persons with a common kitchen and bathroom and one 14-bedded common room. Guests can get free Wi-Fi access and can find all the facilities such as breakfasts, cafeteria, bikes, club, laundry, etc. In Youth center and hostel Trbovlje you can also find a Tourist Information centre, where you can get all the information about the excursions and trips around Zasavje and also free brochures. 

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