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The abundance of the endless Pannonian Plain

The Municipality of Dobrovnik is located in the area which was once covered by the Pannonian Sea. It spreads over 31 km2 and includes three settlements: Strehovci, Žitkovci and Dobrovnik. The latter two settlements are located in the ethnically mixed area, where the majority of the population is of Hungarian ethnicity, whilst Strehovci lies outside the bilingual area. In the north-western part it includes the hills of Dobrovnik and Strehovci which are covered with vineyards and orchards and divided by a forest with a wonderful accumulation lake at its edge, whilst the southern and western part include the genuine Pannonian lowland with fields and meadows.

The true treasures of the municipality are most certainly the interesting cultural heritage and nature which is in general explored by the local population and lately also by tourists. Everywhere you go, you can find many friendly and cheerful residents who will gladly serve the visitors with wine and authentic local delicacies.

The Municipality of Dobrovnik, whose inhabitants are deeply rooted into this land, stubborn, and resilient like the grape vine which they so carefully cultivate, is currently in the process of development. The nature of this area will just make you take a walk across it, enjoy the fresh air and stop next to a vineyard or a sightseeing spot. The appearance and promotion of the municipality is in the hands of local societies whose cultural programs frequently enrich the grey everyday life to all who visit the area on purpose or by chance.

The Accumulation Lake Bukovnica represents the most distinctive sight of the municipality which spreads over 8 hectares. It is surrounded by woods which provide pleasant shade to visitors and, besides fishing, also a chance to rest, take walks, camp, picnic, play sport and pick mushrooms.

In the immediate vicinity of the lake you can find the Sveti Vid chapel and the Vidov izvir spring. People say water from this spring has positive energetic characteristics and healing powers for the treatment of eyesight, hearing, the digestive system, nerves, and skin problems.

The vicinity of the Sveti Vid chapel and the Vidov izvir includes numerous energy points with beneficial and medicinal ground radiation which improve people's health and wellbeing. 26 of such points were registered and marked here. By visiting this area visitors will relax and recover their strength.

If you would like to test your sporting and adventure abilities make sure to visit the Bukovniško jezero Adventure Park which represents a perfect place to rest, relax and have fun. It is located in a wonderful forest surrounding the Bukovnica Lake. In the middle of the intact nature visitors can test their abilities on 58 different elements. Climbing trails are adjusted according to age and ability of visitors and are therefore appropriate for younger as well as older climbers.

The abundance of the endless Pannonian Plain is enriched with the colourful tropical wilderness, which is a genuine tropical garden. Besides the orchids, there is also a wide range of tropical flowers growing in greenhouses: vanilla, coffee, pepper, papaya, bananas, pineapples....

There are numerous documents and archive photographs of our ancestors displayed in the ethnographic house of György Dobronaki in Dobrovnik and in the Deák room in Žitkovci. During the year, the permanent exhibition is often replaced by a special exhibition or event: exhibition of Easter eggs, arts and crafts activities, and St. Martin's feast. 

Where to stay?
The hostel Murska Sobota is located just 18 km away. Throughout the year, visitors can stay in nicely equipped double-bed rooms and have a possibility to pre-order a meal. 

Institute for the Environment and Tourism Dobrovnik
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