Monday, 20 October 2014

Tourist destination Kranjska Gora

Discover the treasure trove of the Upper Sava Valley the heart of which is Kranjska Gora. Let your adventure begin here! Experience more than 150 original adventures prepared by tourism workers and the always-hospitable villagers of the Upper Sava Valley.

Two events contributed to the development of Kranjska Gora from a herdmen’s settlement in the 14th century to today's cosmopolitan Alpine village. The first turning point was the construction of the road through the Vršič mountain pass and the subsequent strategic importance of Kranjska Gora. The second turning point was the construction of the railway and the subsequent construction of the Planica ski jump.

Record ski jumps in Planica turned it into a tourist resort. On the slopes of Vitranc, the first cable railways were constructed. This was followed by summer sledding, climbing walls, gorgeous hotels, lovely apartments, interesting museums, ethnographic events, lively parties, etc. There is always something going on in Kranjska Gora. Here, the adventure of discovering the Upper Sava Valley begins, and never ends! 

Your can sleep in new Youth Hostel Barovc which is located in a truly enviable location above the lakes Jasna on the outskirts of the Triglav National Park and it flirts with the peaks of the Julian Alps, On the other hand it is only 10 minutes walk from the center of Kranjska Gora. It has 11 rooms with a total of 31 beds, of which 7 are double, 3 quadruple and 1 quintuple room. Each room has its own bathroom with shower and toilet, some rooms have TV, all have beautiful views, and one boasts a large balcony with view to the lakes and the Julian Alps. 

The Upper Sava Valley offers numerous historical events and get-togethers. All these hikes, entertainment programmes, ethnological evenings and festivities are organised and attended by people who love their hometown. And they want to show it to the visitors in the most hearty way. 
So many Parkeljs from all sorts of places you have never seen. An increasingly popular event, named by organizers The Hike of the Parkelj (Krampus) of Three Lands/Fire spectacle in Podkoren, is expected to become a real festival.

On Friday, 28.11.2014 at 18.00h we invite you on Festival of the Parkelj (Krampus) in Podkoren. The Parkeljs are mythical creatures, terrifying black men, going from house to house frightening children. It originates from pagan times, when these evil spirits became companions and helpers of St. Nicholas: in accordance with Christian values, the saint rewarded the good children, and Parkelj (Krampus) frightened the naughty ones.

This rich and interesting tradition was turned into a proper event, slowly growing into a real international festival of Parkelj (Krampus). 

Kranjska Gora – Where the adventures begins.

TIC – Tourist Information Centre Kranjska Gora
Kolodvorska 1c, SI – 4280 Kranjska Gora
T.: +386 (0)4 580 94 40
F.: +386 (0)4 580 94 41

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