Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The jewel of the upper Savinja valley

Travelling through the beautiful valley of the Savinja River inspires even the most exacting guests, because it offers many different activities. The jewel of the valley, the Municipality of Ljubno, offers many options for various types of guests, tourists visiting the beautiful valley and the municipality.

Author: Uroš Bolko; www.ljubno.si
Together with tourist workers and providers, we have prepared more than 50 diverse and interesting activities that you can do in Ljubno or in the neighbouring towns. We offer visits to various natural sites of interest, the volcanic area of the Smrekovec mountains, the Savinja River, the Tirske Peči natural monument which is a nesting area for the golden eagle and other beautiful natural sites. 

Author: Jan Zajc; www.ljubno.si
Among cultural sites, there are churches worth visiting, the Church of St. Francis Xavier being especially interesting since it contains a treasure room of maniples from the mid-18th century, one of which was donated by the empress Maria Theresa. Of further interest is also the Raftsmen Collection which is unique in this region, because this economic activity - the transportation and cutting of wood - was an important source of income for our ancestors.

Author: Matjaž Štefan; www.ljubno.si
In the municipality, we are also very proud of delicious local cuisine on offer from our service providers in tourism, everything from the Upper Savinja Valley Želodec (an air-dried meat product), homemade cheese, ajdnek (folded cake) and other delicacies.

There are plenty of sports activities on offer, since the town and the municipality present an ideal possibility for various preparations and training of top athletes and at the same time also ideal for recreational enthusiasts. A large selection of hiking trails, fishing in the Savinja River, a football field, a sports hall, a ski jumping centre and many other options are available.

There are over 200 beds available in our town. One of the options for accommodation is also our Hostel Ljubno ob Savinji where the Pevc-Pukart family will be happy to welcome you and help you spend an active vacation in our municipality and the surrounding area.


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