Wednesday, 19 November 2014

"What happens in Tresor, stays in Tresor"

We present "frontman" of Hostel Tresor Ljubljana, Gregor. He says smiling and satisfied guests "create" a well informed and experienced staff. The atmosphere in the hostel is very relaxed, which creates many bonds of friendship.

Gregor, you have been working in Hostel Tresor more than a year now. How do you find overall atmosphere here?
“This question automatically makes me older. Good thing that we are open barely one year and a half. The atmosphere in the hostel is much more relaxed and informal than in the hotels where I worked before. Communication is like that as well. Hostel's guests are closer to me in many ways and that's why so many friendships have been created. "

What makes the hostel unique?
“Hostel is already special because it mostly does not reside only guests, but travellers. They do not want to learn only about the tourist attractions of Ljubljana, but they want to meet also local people and of course people from the hostel. They come because of the good reviews and interesting story, which represents the hostel. And memorable stay while you due contacts who stays generated. We strive to offer our guests the most with various travelogues, concerts or with renting longboards. "

Describe yourself in one sentence. 
‘’You're not you when you're hungry.’’ 

You work as a receptionist. Why did you decide for this job? What does this work mean to you?
"Working with people is like constantly working on yourself. I like when guests feel more relaxed or smiling because I receive them on arrival. Or when I give them some advice and then they enthusiastically thank me and shake hand. But to do this you need to know and understand a lot of things. The experience and first-hand information are crucial here. The reception is frontline and eternal challenge. I cannot imagine that I could ever do anything else. "

With which guests do you connect the most?
“Guests at the hostel are usually young at heart, curious and adventurous. Of course you have exceptions, but mostly I understand their thinking and expectations. So the people who come to the hostel quite suit me. Gregor likes you :)”

Could you share with us any interesting anecdote?
“I have plenty of them. I can only say... What happens in Tresor, stays in Tresor. *wink wink*”

Hostel Tresor is a perfect starting point for exploring a green city because it is located in the very centre of Ljubljana, in a former bank building, close to the famous Prešeren Square and the Triple Bridge. Each room is named after one of the world's currencies, and the walls are decorated with quotes of famous people. Breakfast is served in the biggest ‘’safe’’. Hostel Tresor also offers free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned rooms.

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