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Jezersko, where nature is at its best

All travelers who are staying in Hostel Pod Skalo in Kamnik town or Hostel Kranj in Kranj town, are kindly invited to visit the small mountain paradise, about 45 minutes by car from both hostels. 

“Far away on the north of Ljubljana Basin, where the peaks of the Kamnik Alps touch the sky and separate the sunny Carniola from Carinthia, lies a small land, entirely independent and surrounded by high mountains – Jezersko.” This was written a hundred years ago in the first paragraph of a short publication about Jezersko by Igor Muri and Rudolf Andrejka.

History beat
The place (Jezersko – lake region) got its name after a huge glacial lake, that covered two valleys: the Ravenska Valley and the Makekova Valley. After a violent 40-day-long earthquake in 1348, the lake slowly  drained from the valleys. Jezersko was part of an important transport route. According to the Jezersko Chronicle, ‘the route past St. Ožbolt at Jezero was known and important to the merchants from Central Europe and the secular authorities, from its establishment up to the 16th century. The new road was of the same importance in the 20th century.' An eye hospital, set up in the 60s due to the favorable climate for curing eye tuberculosis and operating was of a great importance for Jezersko, for almost 20 years. Intact nature has been attracting travelers, adventurers, explorers, climbers, mountaineers … It should  stay so …

Winter fairytale
When experiencing a winter idyll in Jezersko, you definitely cannot stay indifferent. You can relax with a walk along the valley, ice skating on the frozen Planšarsko Lake or on the artificial ice ring by the lake, cross-country skiing or tobogganing on one of the most popular tracks in Slovenia. Freeride skiing enthusiasts can experience unforgettable adventures in the snow-clad mountain world of Jezersko. The most courageous and skilled climbers can enjoy climbing in the walls of the Kamnik Savinja Alps or on frozen waterfalls. You are welcome to take part in the winter fairytale …

Breathe in the fresh mountain air
In the beautiful mountain environment of Jezersko, you can experience a number of exciting adventures. You are welcome to either walk along the valley or trek on neighboring peaks; you can also spend your active holiday mountaineering on protected trails or climbing in one of the numerous climbing routes in north walls. Release your energy in the first Via ferrata in our Alps, participate in various sports, such as paintball, archery or tennis … Explore the Jezersko Valley on bike, indulge yourselves with  a trip by boat on the lake or simply spice up a sunny day with a picnic in  nature or with games on a sports field. Breathe in the fresh mountain air …

Heritage of the ancestors
The life and culture of our ancestors can be reconstructed by visiting and touching their legacy, which is being preserved for all of us. Remember an artistic mind in the Zadnikar Gallery, travelling merchants in the Jenkova house, a peasant life in the Roblekova farmhouse or in the rich collection of Mr Jereb in the Anko farmhouse in Ravne. The Šenk farmhouse, a country settlement characteristic of the Jezersko region, witnesses a long tradition of building of our ancestors. The Češka koča hut at Spodnje Ravne has more than respectable 100 years. Two boundary stones at the Entrance to the community area is proof that this part of Slovenia used to belong to Carinthia. Discover the history …

Creativity of nature
How can one simply pass the high peaks without casting a look at them, where a scent of mountain flora permeates the air on the rocky slopes? Take a walk to wonders created by nature. Drink a mouthful of mineral water rich in magnesium, admire the waterfall Čedca, take a walk towards the south-eastern glacier under the Skuta mountain, feel the fragility of tuff formations, find inner Peace when listening to the rush of the Ankovi Waterfalls or sit down by the shore of Planšarsko Lake, a remainder of the former glacial lake. Above all, afford your eyes a rest in the environment with pleasant climate.

Ski-Touring Competition (last Sunday in January) is a competition of tour skiers from Slovenia and abroad, which is organized to commemorate the deaths of Luka Karničar and Rado Markič, who died in 1997 during a mountain rescue training session in Okrešelj.

Unique attractions

Thematic walking path Ravenska kočna
On a walk in the Ravenska Kočna valley you can catch a glimpse into the past of this beautiful mountain landscape and observe how a glacier changed the surface and how the forces of nature are continuously changing the landscape in front of our eyes. An undemanding route leads along the Jezernica stream and across meadows, from where majestic vistas open towards the northern faces of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps and the highest peak of Mt Grintovec. Along the way you will learn about the formation of this glacial valley, its rich fauna and flora, and all the other landmarks which make the Ravenskakočna valley well worth a visit.

Jezersko-solčava sheep breed
Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed is one of the the Slovenian autochthonous sheep breeds. It belongs to the group of mountainous sheep of the Eastern Alps. The breed was named after the localities of Jezersko and Solčava, where farmers were keeping and breeding this sort in the 18th and 19th century. In general, sheep are sheared twice a year, in April and October. Due to the pasture in the mountainous pasture-grounds, the fresh lamb meat is of the highest quality. A significant feature of the Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed is its all year round fertility.

Mineral water spring
Above the Ank’s homestead there is a spring of mineral water, the so-called “Jezerska slatina”. It is rich in manganese and ammonium and is therefore recommended to people with cardiovascular diseases. Its high concentrations of magnesium on the other hand can stimulate digestion. In the neighboring Eisenkappel, similar water is being used for medicinal baths. In 2013 a water Main was laid all the way to the main road where you can also taste it.

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