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Nativity scene in the Postojna cave

Nativity scene in the Postojna cave, the biggest live nativity scene set in an underground cave in the world – this year they are celebrating 25 years!

Foto: Valter Leban;
The live nativity scene is the biggest such event taking place anywhere in the world, and this year it's the 25th annual nativity scene! It is an event that can hardly get paralleled. During winter holidays the largest tourist cave of Europe becomes a unique set for the biblical scenes of the birth of Christ. The scenes are set along the few kilometres of the most beautiful underground cave structures. Despite their 25 year long tradition the event still represents an organizational and logistical challenge. This year’s event will be marked with new additions to the scenes and the story. There will be a new “prologue” set up, announcing the gospel story about the birth and will be set up in the Dance hall of the cave. The dance hall features special lighting made or murrain glass and the visitors come to it by the electrical train. The scene, where Virgin Mary receives the word about the birth will be set at the top of the high mount (the highest point within the cave). From there the visitors will continue through a part of the cave they do not see during a regular visit. The scene will be especially rich with visual and sound effects. Another novelty, this year, will be the different set-up of the main scene, which will include a theatrical production of shadows. The event concludes in the Concert hall, where the decorated evergreen tree will greet the visitors, while they enjoy the live music performance and the acrobatic number, high under the ceiling of the largest underground cavern. The act is prepared by the artisans of the Italian dancing theatre Sinakt – Circo Teatro Danza. To contribute to the festive spirit, there will be excellent young singers there, from Alenka Gotar, who trained her voice at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Julija Kramar, the winner of the Slovenia got talent and the local singer Jure Počkaj, who will return to his home town to perform at the event, while taking a break from the masters study of solo singing at the UCLA university in LA. Additionally, there will be children choirs that will also contribute to the festive spirit, and the nativity scenes will also be accompanied by the Christmas fair and celebrations at the entrance of the cave.

Foto: Valter Leban;
Foto: Valter Leban;
Foto: Valter Leban;

A nativity scene at the castle Predjamski grad – a Guinness record holder
Just 9 kilometres further is the Predjamski grad castle, which is one of the most astounding medieval fortifications. The castle has been guarding the entrance to a 123m high bedrock at the entrance of the cave system, for over 800 years. It was just this year that the castle was entered into the Guinness book of records as the largest cave castle in the world. As each year the castle will host the grand Slovenian nativity scene, which includes the elements of local life and the visitors can warm up by the fire and warm drinks.

The nativity scenes in Postojna cave can be visited on:
December 20., 21., 25., 26., 27. 28. and 29. 
at 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 14.00, 14.30 and 15.00

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