Friday, 5 December 2014

The evergreen Karst

Green karst is one of those regions, where it might seem that it has nothing to offer to the tourists in the wintertime. As always, this is far away from the truth.  The life slows down during winter and runs in different rhythm. Perfect for everybody who enjoys  intimate moments, far away from the fast moving world.

Take your time and taste the local cuisine. In December, many farms prepare their meat for the winter in an event known as “koline”. During this time, you can enjoy in excellent home cooked food and taste delights such as blood sausages, cracknels, potatoes with sauerkraut, jota, koleraba and many more.

Despite cold mornings and long nights, Green karst offers many different activities. Adventure seekers will have an opportunity to explore the mysterious karst underground and discover new halls in Postojna cave, Planinska cave and Križna cave. Do not forget to bring your camera. The nature offers countless motives and details for astonishing photos that will serve as a vivid memory of your holiday in the heart of the Green karst.

In December and January, you can take part in one of numerous winter hikes on the hills and mountains of the Green karst. Visit Snežnik, the highest non-alpine mountain in Slovenia, take a hike with torches to the Sv. Trojica hill or visit mountain hut on the Nanos.

Those who enjoy in tradition and culture will be certainly impressed by the live nativity scene that takes place each year in the Postojna cave, and many Christmas and New Year concerts.

Plan your visit and take a rest in the Youth Hostel Proteus in Postojna. Why? Because it received a prestigious award for its interior design. Because its rooms have locally produced unique furniture. In addition, simply because you will feel at home. 

Youth Hostel Proteus

Visit Postojna and Green karst!

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