Friday, 23 January 2015

Groups hanging out in the New Year

Every New Year brings new challenges and new plans. If you've made any resolutions connected to events lasting several days and includes small groups, this is the most suitable e-mail you're receiving. Hosteling International Slovenia, with its network of almost 50 high quality hostels and that offer opportunities and packages for several kinds of groups – from sporting groups, educational, or just a bunch of friends wanting to hang out. So let us introduce the following six hostels in the first newsletter you’ll get from us in 2015:

Hostel Barovc (or Pine tree in local dialect) is near to Kranjska Gora, which is the home to the annual Alpine skiing world cup competition, but also near to the largest ski jump in the world – Planica, where the ski flight distance reach record levels of over 250m. The hostel is a new addition to the HI network and offers private rooms comparable to hotel comfort, meal options and joint rooms. Part of the youth centre (which ensures enough well equipped common rooms) in Slovenj Gradec, you’ll find Youth Hostel Slovenj Gradec that offers organized group activites for your group in town or its surroundings. The medieval town of Brežice, just a few kilometres from Croatian border, with the Zagreb international airport just half an hour away, you’ll find 70 beds and a modern multipurpose room in the local hostel. There are also other rooms for joint activities and meal options. The oldest town in Slovenia, where the largest Slovenian festival – pustovanje (a festival like Mardi Gras or Carnival in Rio de Janeiro) – Ptuj, offers two great hostels. One is the Hostel Kurent, at the very beginning of the old medieval centre of Ptuj and the other is Hostel Poetovia in the quiet part of the town, a part of the high school dormitory and boasts with a great kitchen. Both also offer many rooms for common activities. And to conclude our invitation, let’s welcome you to Ljubljana, the national capital, where the main promenade features a unique hostel, residing in the former bank. The Hostel Tresor, which offers over 100 beds, is among a handful of unique hostels in Europe, when it comes down to noble ideas of accommodation. Fancy a breakfast in a floating bank vault, or are just curious what that even is… come to Tresor and share the memories with your group.

Youth Hostel pod Voglom
Apart from these six mentioned hostels, you can also find the rest of them in our network, if you check out our website at, and also see, which of them have offers adequate for groups.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Kranjska Gora in winter

Discover the treasure trove of the Upper Sava Valley the heart of which is Kranjska Gora. Let your adventure begin here! 

Two events contributed to the development of Kranjska Gora from a herdsmen’s settlement in the 14th century to today's cosmopolitan Alpine village. The first turning point was the construction of the road through the Vršič mountain pass and the subsequent strategic importance of Kranjska Gora. The second turning point was the construction of the railway and the subsequent construction of the Planica ski jump

Photot: Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora; 
Record ski jumps in Planica turned it into a tourist resort. On the slopes of Vitranc, the first cableways were constructed. This was followed by summer sledding, climbing walls, gorgeous hotels, lovely apartments, interesting museums, ethnographic events, lively parties, etc. There is always something going on in Kranjska Gora. Here, the adventure of discovering the Upper Sava Valley begins, and never ends! 

Photot: Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora; 
The white fairy-tale of the Zgornjesavska valley offers the possibility of countless adventures. Skiers and snowboarders will find their challenge on the snow-covered slopes, while others can find their recreation on the well-kept cross-country tracks or by sledding on toboggan runs. Climbing a frozen waterfall, day and night snowshoeing, hikes with torches are an unforgettable experience.

Photot: Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora; 
The important representative of Youth tourism in Kranjska Gora is Hostel Barovc. Hostel offers wireless Internet throughout the facility, an info point, a covered terrace and indoor entertainment area with a large selection of board games and a mini library, a children’s playground, a restaurant, which offers a rich breakfast and tasty local dishes at affordable prices, bar with terrace and splendid views, a reception that is open 24 hours, a heated room for ski equipment …

It has 11 rooms with 31 beds, of which 7 are double, 3 quadruple and 1 quintuple room. Each room has its own bathroom with shower and toilet, some rooms have TV, all have beautiful views, and one boasts a large balcony with view to the lakes and the Julian Alps. All rooms are also equipped with linens and towels. Hostel Barovc is suitable for individual guests and groups; truly welcome are as well your four-legged friends.

Youth Hostel Barovc
Shops, pizzerias, restaurants, bar, natural and cultural attractions are only a few minutes’ walk from the hostel. All the information needed is available to you at the Hostel Barovc staff that will take care for your stay pleasant and memorable experience.

And we have one hostel more - Youth Hostel Nika. 10 minutes from the centre of the tourist village Kranjska Gora, where the nature on the banks of river Sava opens its view toward the snow-covered peaks of Alps, stand this beautiful hostel Nika. 

Youth Hostel Nika
Hostel Nika has 2-8 bedded rooms, with the option of private rooms with a bath, a common area, restaurant and the possibility of meals, laundry, and bicycle or ski rental and internet access. Hostel is suitable for all generations; young backpackers, large groups, families or more mature explorers. 

The Upper Sava Valley is known for its excellent cuisine, allowing you to pamper yourself in many traditional inns. In addition to the typical international or even global cuisine, it is essential that you also try the typical homemade dishes of individual villages. 

It is due to the Alpine ski world cup Vitranc (14.03. – 15.03.2015) that the winter resort of Kranjska Gora has become so famous far, far away from our borders. Every winter the steep slopes of Vitranc are the venue for slalom and giant slalom competitions where top skiers from all over the world compete against time and against each other. In addition to the skiing competition, visitors can enjoy the concerts and animations organized as part of the Q Max Party event (14.03.2015).

Photot: Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora, Author: Samo Vidic;
Planica (20.03. – 23.03.2015) is the cradle of ski jumping and ski flying. Since 1934, crowds of competitors have been coming to Planica to try to break the world record. In addition to the competition, visitors can enjoy the concerts and animations organized as part of the Open Air Planica event (21.03.2015).

Photot: Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora, Author: Miro Podgorsek ;

Lokalna turistična organizacija Kranjska Gora
Kranjska Gora Tourist Board 
Kolodvorska ul. 1b, SI - 4280 Kranjska Gora
T: + 386 (0)4 588 50 20, 
GSM: +386 (0)41 933 433

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

To escape from the urban hustle

To escape from the urban hustle and bustle of the Carinthian tranquillity of the lush forests and scattered isolated farms…

Slovenj Gradec with its surroundings offers ideal conditions for sports and recreation. The varied landscape around the city and orderly sports infrastructure in the city offers a wealth of opportunities for those who want to relax, as well as those who want a more intensive workout. There is a Sports Centre Vinko Cajnko, which is located near the city centre. In addition to the Sports Arena Slovenj Gradec comprises a renovated athletic stadium with a football field, outdoor asphalt courts for basketball, handball and volleyball and summer swimming pool. The surroundings of the city, with its natural features, offer plenty of opportunities for skiing, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, biking, paragliding, hiking, Nordic walking,... The offer of short walking thematic trails was developed in recent years, particularly enforced by ethnological, cultural-historic and environmental contents. For quality and comfortable staying you can choose Hostel Slovenj Gradec.  

Winter tourism
On Slovenjgraško Pohorje, two tourist centres were developed. One on Pungart, under the Velika Kopa and Partizanski dom, under Mala Kopa. An extensive plain allows you to ski upon a few centimetres of snow. Snowmaking system provides up to 100 snow days. The diverse terrain offers skiing for beginners and advanced skiers. 

The ski slopes are more than 18 km all together, situated at an altitude of between 1010 and 1542m. For skiers and snowboarders there are six ski lifts available and two quad chairlift; for those who do not practise alpine skiing, there are cross-country skiing, toboggan run and ski walking trails available. 

The diversity of the world between the Mountain Uršlja and Pohorje, offers hikers many opportunities for hiking. Wherever you are, you only need a few minutes, and you're on any of the many hiking trails. It is therefore no surprise, that hiking is such a popular activity. Choice of trails is remarkable. From easier short walks through the valley and the surrounding hills, to demanding mountain trails, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole Mislinja Valley and peaks of the Kamnik Alps. 

Themed hiking trails: The path of local crafts, Meško’s path, Berneker’s path, Hermit’s path to Castle Vodriž, the Path of Romans and Path into the dwarf’s land.

Forest Educational Trails: Forest Educational Trail Plešivec, Forest Educational Trail to Rahtelov vrh, Forest Educational Trail Tičnica.

Mountain paths: European hiking trail E-6, Carinthian path Javke brez hajke, Carinthian mountain path, Slovenian mountain path from Maribor to Ankaran, Transversal of couriers and midfielders and Extended Slovenian mountain path, Šaleška mountain path, Mountain path of 14th division.

The bike path along Mislinja valley was completed in recent years. It runs between flowering meadows and forests, provides ideal conditions for recreational cyclists, which prefer driving on the plain. Those who prefer mountain biking, over the hills that surround Slovenj Gradec a lot of cycling paths are routed. They lead us through the pristine forests on Rahtel, Kremžarjev vrh, Slovenjgraško Pohorje, Uršlja gora or in any of the other peaks surrounding the Slovenj Gradec basin.

Sports centre Vinko Cajnko
Sports centre Vinko Cajnko is located along the Mislinja River, not far away from the main city road. In a quiet environment away from industrial facilities and it offers ideal conditions for athletes. It comes with 18770 square meters of training surfaces. The sports centre is a home for many sports clubs and societies; among them is the handball club with almost 60 years of tradition, football, athletics and judo club.

In the immediate vicinity of the sports centre is also the Swimming pool Slovenj Gradec with two swimming pools and a bowling alley “Slovenj Gradec” with four lanes. At the swimming pool there is also the possibility of playing beach volleyball in addition to swimming and other water sports.

Sports airport
Due to its extraordinary location and the excellent conditions, the Sports airport Slovenj Gradec is a popular location for domestic and foreign aviators and other tourists. Gliding in our country has a long tradition. In addition to gliding, the airport also offers the possibility of adrenaline pleasures, panoramic flight, altitude parachute jumps, parachute schools and schools for gliding. The sports offer is rounded off by tennis and other courts and numerous trails for biking and hiking.

The project “Slovenj GUIDEc” – tourist offer “Yung people for young people”
In August a new tourist brochure "Slovenj Guidec" was released. It is aimed at young visitors and travellers who are by the way randomly or systematically carried away in Slovenj Gradec. It sets out the activities that can be added the sign of 'adventures'. The project, which was "cooked" in MKC Slovenj Gradec, includes young people, who are professional or amateur engaged in certain activities and they would like to share their ideas with other (young tourists, visitors), and thus enabling them to learn about Slovenj Gradec with its surroundings and its inhabitants in a "different" and more exciting way. In addition to the offer of "young - to young", we published a booklet, with its shape resembling a fan that also includes some other activities, which allow non-traditional tourist experience.

Slovenj Guidec guide is divided into five sections: culture, sports, rural, adrenaline and interesting. In it you can find the contacts and information about possibilities of sleeping in the hayloft, hang-gliding or paragliding, paintball, skateboarding, horse riding, bike rental, various sports activities, trekking, climbing to the possibility of presenting their own projects, exhibitions or activities. The leaflet is available in English and Slovenian language, online and in physical form on the points, where often intersect paths of young visitors and travellers.

For more information visit, call (051 373 943 or 051 375 307) or write ( us in MKC Slovenj Gradec!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Winter experience in Koroška

Koroška inspires us with its beauty throughout all seasons.  For many, a snow covered winter is the most magical. The winter sun reflects on the pearl white snow crystals and the streams are covered in glittering ice. A well-known traveller once wrote that winters are the softest in Koroška region. 

Packages intended for all who wish to enrich their winter days with sport and pleasure. 

- 2x half board (shower, WC, TV)
- 2x ticket for the swimming pool in the sports centre (free entry to the saunas once a day)
- 3x ticket for ski slope Poseka

The price of the 3-day package for two people in a double room begins at 150, 00 EUR.

- 1x half board – lodging in a multi-bed room (shower and WC)
- 1x ticket for ski slope Poseka
- 1x ticket for the swimming pool in the sports centre (free entry to the saunas once a day)

The price for the 2-day package begins at 70,00 EUR per person. 

- 3x lodging in a multi-bed room (shower and WC)
- breakfast
- 4x ticket for ski slope Poseka
- 3x ticket for the swimming pool in the sports centre (free entry to the saunas once a day)

The price for the 3-day package begins at 100,00 EUR per person.  

- 1x half board (shower, WC, TV)
- 2x ticket for the swimming pool in the sports centre (1x ticket for the saunas)
- 2x family ticket for ski slope Poseka

The price for the weekend package for 4 people begins at 120,00 EUR

The packages include:
- free bedding
- free parking
- usage of the common area equipped with a television
- shared fully equipped kitchen
- free usage of the computers
- free WiFi
Additional payment for all packages: tourist fee 0,67 EUR/per person/per day

All packages are adjustable and additional services may be added. Guests can decide between half boards and full boards and skiing on ski slope Poseka or ski slope Pesa (Austria)

Youth Hostel Punkl

Additional information:
Gozdarska pot 18, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem
Reception 041 736 638
Package offers 040 745 464

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Vipava Valley – stunning views & breathless descents

Cycling with a View
The selected paths snake over very diverse terrain and are appropriate for all kinds of difficulty levels as well as different levels of physical condition. Along the trails, there is plenty of opportunity to see the local natural and cultural sights and you can also stop at any one of the many farms. The locals are more than happy to welcome visitors with open arms and chat with them. The local culture gives our cycling trails an unparalleled charm. 

Foto: Nejc Bole;
Trip suggestions:
- Along the Vipava Hills: 35 EUR per person
- The Beauties of the Trnovo Forest: 45 EUR per person
- The Gora Region: 35 EUR per person
- To the Sea: 40 EUR per person
- The Nanos Plateau: 50 EUR per person

Singletracks Mountain Biking
The Vipava Valley invites you on a wild ride down paths winding through wooded land full of intact nature, climbs ending with spectacular views and descents leaving you breathless till the very end. Trails, chosen by our local tour guides, are the paths which they themselves ride down every day. They meander over very intriguing areas suitable for those with more as well as less physical fitness. All trails can fulfill even the biggest expectations. 

Foto: Nejc Bole;
- suitable for all kinds of difficulty levels and various levels of physical condition 
- the price for renting a guide for up to 5 hours: from 35 EUR on

- workshops for broadening your cycling knowledge
- learning the basics of the mountain biking technique

The Vipava Valley is strewn with well-trodden paths, which slalom between meadows, fields, forests, vineyards and orchards. For those who are more tenacious, we have prepared two hiking trips led by experienced hiking guides. Each of the trips can be adjusted to your desires and abilities. Our guides take you down scenic routes where you can stop and do some sightseeing, they can even fix you up with a meal in one of the cabins or pubs along the way. 

Foto: Nejc Bole;

Weekend packages in Youth Hostel Ajdovščina

- 2 overnight stays in a dorm room with a hearty breakfast
- 2 guided hiking trips with a local guide (the Čaven Mountain and the Window of Otlica (Otliško okno))
- 1 visit to the nearby outdoor swimming pool (July–August) or the indoor swimming pool (October–April)
- a snack package containing one drink and one chocolate bar (on the day of the trip)
- tourist tax (1,27 EUR per night) 
The price: 80 EUR per person
Surcharges: a snack during the trip, possible entrance and transfer fees. We can modify our programs in accordance with our guests’ desires (duration, difficulty). Note: There is a minimum of 3 people for the program to be carried out. We reserve the right to change any prices. The program is only carried out when prior reservations are made.

Foto: Nejc Bole;
- 2 overnight stays in a dorm room with a hearty breakfast
- 1 guided cycling trip ‘Along the Vipava Hills’
- bike rental for two days
- 1 visit to the nearby outdoor swimming pool (July–August) or the indoor swimming pool (October–April)
- a snack package containing one drink and one chocolate bar (on the day of the trip)
- tourist tax (1,27 EUR per night) 
The price: 80 EUR per person
Surcharges: a snack during the trip, possible entrance and transfer fees. We can modify our programs in accordance with our guests’ desires (duration, difficulty). Note: There is a minimum of 3 people for the program to be carried out. We reserve the right to change any prices. The program is only carried out when prior reservations are made.

Foto: Nejc Bole;

• cyclist-friendly and hiker-friendly accommodation
• guided cycling and hiking trips and packages 
• rent-a-bike service
• special discounts for cyclists & hikers
• mountain biking trails and workshops
• additional cycling equipment 
• a four-cross trail next to the hostel
• a storage room for bicycles
• an info point 

Youth Hostel Ajdovščina

Youth Hostel Ajdovščina, Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61 A, 5270 Ajdovščina
T: (05) 368 93 83
F: (05) 368 93 84
M: (041) 945 392