Friday, 23 January 2015

Groups hanging out in the New Year

Every New Year brings new challenges and new plans. If you've made any resolutions connected to events lasting several days and includes small groups, this is the most suitable e-mail you're receiving. Hosteling International Slovenia, with its network of almost 50 high quality hostels and that offer opportunities and packages for several kinds of groups – from sporting groups, educational, or just a bunch of friends wanting to hang out. So let us introduce the following six hostels in the first newsletter you’ll get from us in 2015:

Hostel Barovc (or Pine tree in local dialect) is near to Kranjska Gora, which is the home to the annual Alpine skiing world cup competition, but also near to the largest ski jump in the world – Planica, where the ski flight distance reach record levels of over 250m. The hostel is a new addition to the HI network and offers private rooms comparable to hotel comfort, meal options and joint rooms. Part of the youth centre (which ensures enough well equipped common rooms) in Slovenj Gradec, you’ll find Youth Hostel Slovenj Gradec that offers organized group activites for your group in town or its surroundings. The medieval town of Brežice, just a few kilometres from Croatian border, with the Zagreb international airport just half an hour away, you’ll find 70 beds and a modern multipurpose room in the local hostel. There are also other rooms for joint activities and meal options. The oldest town in Slovenia, where the largest Slovenian festival – pustovanje (a festival like Mardi Gras or Carnival in Rio de Janeiro) – Ptuj, offers two great hostels. One is the Hostel Kurent, at the very beginning of the old medieval centre of Ptuj and the other is Hostel Poetovia in the quiet part of the town, a part of the high school dormitory and boasts with a great kitchen. Both also offer many rooms for common activities. And to conclude our invitation, let’s welcome you to Ljubljana, the national capital, where the main promenade features a unique hostel, residing in the former bank. The Hostel Tresor, which offers over 100 beds, is among a handful of unique hostels in Europe, when it comes down to noble ideas of accommodation. Fancy a breakfast in a floating bank vault, or are just curious what that even is… come to Tresor and share the memories with your group.

Youth Hostel pod Voglom
Apart from these six mentioned hostels, you can also find the rest of them in our network, if you check out our website at, and also see, which of them have offers adequate for groups.

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