Friday, 27 February 2015

Enjoy the peace and greatness of the moment in Kranjska Gora

The Upper Sava Valley offers numerous historical events and get-togethers. All these hikes, entertainment programmes, ethnological evenings and festivities are organised and attended by people who love their hometown. And they want to show it to the visitors in the most hearty way. 

Kranjska Gora; Archives LTO Kranjska Gora; Photo J. Skok;
Winter has always been the time when farmers took a break from the daily work and started preparing themselves for the holidays. Although now ski events are the most-visited, crowded and fun events, the tradition of old village events, when myths and tales revive, is still alive...

Every year in March the Vitranc Cup (14.3.2015 – 15.3.2015) takes place with international ski contestants. Usually the atmosphere is incredible, fans very loud, and the slope excellent. Hundreds of workers make sure that the slope in Podkoren is perfect.

After the end of the sports part of the Vitranc Cup, the fun is far from being over: it is followed by musical performances, concerts and entertainment in the context of the “Q Max Party” (14.3.2015). A jewel of the Slovenian aeroplane designer, athlete and the designer of sports facilities, the engineer Stanko Bloudek – the ski jump in Planica has been a venue for international ski jumping tournaments since 1934. Until 2011, Planica was the holder of the world record ski jump by Bjørn Einar Romøren from 2005: 239m.  Don't forget to support the project of sustainable development and come to Planica by train or by carpooling. 

Q Max Party; Archives LTO Kranjska GorPhoto Miro Podgoršek; 
Taste a charged atmosphere for supporters as well as culinary delights in the Valley under the Ponce Mountains – Planica (19.3.2015 – 22.3.2015).

After the tournament is concluded, join us at the Open Air Planica (21.3.2015) event in Kranjska Gora. The biggest open-air event filled with sports spirit, presentation of contestants, awarding of competition numbers, concerts and other entertainment.

Open Air Planica; Archives;

Located in a quiet part of Kranjska Gora, Youth Hostel Nika is surrounded by nature, lush vegetation and mountains. Ski Centre Kranjska Gora can be reached in 1 km, while the town centre is just 800 metres away. Free Wi-Fi is available and the hostel features a restaurant, a bar and a terrace.

On the Outskirts of the Triglav National Park, above the Jasna lakes and right at the foothills of the Julian Alps is a paradise for hikers, skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, climbers, nature lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts - Hostel Barovc! Hostel Barovc Team will do their best to make your stay enjoyable and experience unforgettable!

Youth Hostel Barovc - Kranjska Gora
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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Winter Fairytale in Jezersko

All travelers who are staying in Hostel Pod Skalo in Kamnik town or Hostel Kranj in Kranj town, are kindly invited to visit the small mountain paradise, about 45 minutes by car from both hostels. 

“Far away on the north of Ljubljana Basin, where the peaks of the Kamnik Alps touch the sky and separate the sunny Carniola from Carinthia, lies a small land, entirely independent and surrounded by high mountains – Jezersko.” This was written a hundred years ago in the first paragraph of a short publication about Jezersko by Igor Muri and Rudolf Andrejka.

When experiencing a winter idyll in Jezersko, you definitely cannot stay indifferent. You can relax with a walk along the valley, ice skating on the frozen Planšarsko Lake or on the artificial ice rink by the lake, cross-country skiing or tobogganing on one of the most popular tracks in Slovenia. Free-ride skiing enthusiasts can experience unforgettable adventures in the snow-clad mountain world of Jezersko. The most courageous and skilled climbers can enjoy climbing in the walls of the Kamnik Alps or on frozen waterfalls. You are welcome to take part in the winter fairytale …

Cross-country skiing
Meadows of the Jezersko valley above the Planšarsko jezero Lake and the Ravenska Kočna valley are perfect for cross-country skiing. The trails pass through a diverse and sunny terrain. During a true cross-country adventure to the Ravenska Kočna valley you will enjoy breathtaking views of the steep walls of the Grintovec Mountains. Fifteen kilometres of carefully maintained trails have convinced and fascinated numerous cross-country skiing enthusiasts. Come and try them out yourself!

Ski touring
Pleasure-seeking travelers, who love nature and skiing and gladly exchange the crowds of ski slopes for ski touring adventures, will have a lot to discover in Jezersko. In the deepest of winters, when the avalanches thunder down the northern walls of the Grintovec mountains, you can ski (almost) carefree in the shelter of forests at the slopes of the mountains Pečovnik, Jezerski vrh, Pristovški Storžič, Goli vrh and Štularjeva planina pasture. Spring brings the best ski touring conditions to the mountains and that is when the white slopes of the Vadine plateau and around the Češka koča mountain hut await you bathing in the first sun rays.

Ice skating
When the temperatures are low enough, our famous Planšarsko jezero lake freezes and it guarantees pure ice-skating pleasure. Next to the lake there is also an artificial ice rink, appropriate for organizing outdoor activities or enjoying the company of your friends.

Sledging is one of the most attractive winter activities for young and old alike. In the Jezersko valley you can sledge from every snow-covered slope. We also offer organized sledging trips where by prior appointment everyone can attend - friends, families, companies and school groups.

Jezersko valley is famous for its numerous summits, which you can climb all year round. If you prefer shorter and less demanding hikes then we recommend you to try out paths around the Planšarsko jezero lake, hike on the themed route to the Ravenska Kočna valley, visit the old church of St. Oswald, Ank waterfalls or the viewpoint at Mali vrh. To all of you who would like see the Jezersko valley from above, we recommend the fairly demanding tours to the following summits: Veliki vrh, Stegovnik, Kozji vrh, Virnikov Grintovec, Pristovški Storžič and Goli vrh. They are accessible in every season of the year. More experienced mountaineers from near and far have been climbing the mighty summits of the Grintovec Mountains for more than 200 years. Mountain huts Češka koča and Kranjska koča v Vadinah are perfect starting points for more demanding tours on secured trails to the following mountains: Kočna, Grintovec, Dolgi Hrbet, Skuta, Rinke and Babe. The trail over Mlinarsko sedlo saddle leads to Kokrško sedlo saddle, and if you take the route over the Jezersko and Savinjsko sedlo saddle, you will arrive to the neighboring Logarska dolina valley and Belska Kočna valley. 

You must to taste… mineral water spring
Above the Ank’s homestead there is a spring of mineral water, the so-called “Jezerska slatina”. It is rich in manganese and ammonium and is therefore recommended to people with cardiovascular diseases. Its high concentrations of magnesium on the other hand can stimulate digestion. In the neighboring Eisenkappel, similar water is being used for medicinal baths. In 2013 a water Main was laid all the way to the main road where you can also taste it.

Turistično informacijski center Jezersko  
Zgornje Jezersko 57
4206 Zgornje Jezersko
+386 (0)51 219 282

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Competition Golden Fox

Countdown to the Golden Fox! Come to Maribor this weekend (21st and 22nd February. 2015) on the international Ladie's Alpine Ski World Cup race. The event takes place at Pohorje since 1964. It is one of the major sports events in Maribor, providing an unforgettable atmosphere while watching the ski race for the World Cup! At the snow stadium finish arena of Golden Fox gather around 20,000 visitors from all over the world!

After watching the race, you can also put on your skis and go sking to the beautiful white slopes of Pohorje, where you can find the longest night ski track in Europe.

To make the favorable experience, we invite you to the modern, well equipped hostel Pekarna (near center of Maribor), where we offer beautiful accommodation with breakfast. You can accommodate in apartments, with your own kitchen or you can get to know new friends in the special 4-bed rooms.

Come to Maribor, to the second largest city of Slovenia, which leaves marks on all the people who have ever visited it!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Take advantage of the last few breaths of winter idyll

Hostel pod Voglom, which won the 1st Prize this year in the category of Youth Hostels in Slovenia and Hostel Cottage Suha, are inviting you to take advantage of the last few breaths of winter idyll. Snow on mount Vogel persists up to the beginning of May, but at that time we are being drawn to the warmer climate by the sea.

Hostel pod Voglom prepared affordable ski packages that include ski pass for Vogel Ski center. For 3-day package you pay € 127.80/person in a room with a bathroom. In the vicinity of the hostel there are ice skating rings and cross-country skiing in the beautiful upper and lower valley of Bohinj. Cross-country skiing is also available on Soriška planina Ski center, where the sun likes to hang out and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery from the mountain top. We also organize very popular snow rafting and sledding at night from mount Vogar for groups.

We rent snowshoes if you are tempted to go on a relaxing walk through the woods or snow-covered meadows. There is no shortage of enthusiasts, who make way through fresh snow for a romantic walk around Lake Bohinj. The path along the lake, where the road runs is trodden down, so the walk to the hostel is more comfortable and safe.

For more information about our offer and acitivities please visit our website:

Welcome into the embrace of the snowy forests and beautiful views from the mountains.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Discover Slovenia and Bled

(SPRING – AUTUMN 2015, period by your choice)

Where to go for holiday break, to have fun, be active, spend time in nature and not drain your budget too much? “Hostel Bledec” thought about it and that’s why we’re organizing 3 or 7 day exploration of Slovenian region Upper Carnolia with Bled and surroundings. We’re giving an opportunity to host groups from min. ten to forty people, to hit the rocks and take a bite out of the beauty offered by the country on the sunny side of the Alps. All who love exploring, get new knowledge, mountaineering, fresh air, socializing, discovering new places, gaining altitude and above all facing challenges; are invited to join us for the intensive tasting of the Slovenia.

Accommodation  - hostel Bledec, Bled 
Youth Hostel “Bledec” – the No.1 accommodation for backpakers on Bled and No.2 in Slovenia - 2014 award. Located in the quiet part of town Bled, down from historical Bled castle and five minutes walk from lake Bled. Hostel offer accommodation in three, four, five and six beded dorms and rooms, every room have bathroom with shower, TV, free wireless, common kitchen and restaurant, where you can join together. 

Youth Hostel Bledec

PROGRAMME – make your self  three to seven days programme by marking the day

First day - day one (arrival)
Arriving to Bled till 6 p.m. and accommodation in hostel. By arrival till 3 p.m., visiting Bled castle.

Day two
After the breakfast visiting Bled castle (if not on arrival day), walking around the Bled lake, 6km, discovering nice places and to get a view to the place, where you will spend next days. Visiting the Etno farm house Dornk – beverages and food tasting. Costs: 13€ur pro person. 

Option: driving with tipical boat »pletna« to Bled island,  visiting the church, 15€ pro person.

Day three
Half day: Drive to Pokljuka forest plateau and walk to mountain Debela peč – 2014m.
Nice view to Triglav (2864m) – the highest peak Slovene and down to the valley.

Optional: lunch in the mountain hut Blejska koča (5-7€ur)
Afternoon: swimming in the lake, optional

Day four
All day »relaxing« on the trip by bus to the Julian Alps. Passing the highest pass  – 1611m high pass Vršič, visiting Soča spring and Soča valley, Triglav national park museum, Kluže fortress, visiting nice places. Option: lunch with tipical local food (8 – 12€). Costs: 5€ pro person. 

Day five
All day: Departure to Bohiny valley.  Admire the beauty of Bohinj lake, drive with cable car to Ski resort Vogel with breath taking view, visting waterfall Savica, the spring of Sava river.
Costs: 13€ pro person.

Day six
Adrenalin day: rafting on Sava river (12km, 3 hours, 19€ pro person), or/ and visiting Adventure park on the top of hill Straža, descent to the valley with summer toboggan – 25€ pro person. Total costs: 44€ pro person.

Day seven 
Education day – all about fishing and beekeping
Presentaion from expert fischerman about fishing in lake Bled and visiting the beekeper and  bee house, workshop, tasting honey products. Costs: 8€ pro person.

Ljubljana (Author-P.Hieng);
Day eight
Capital of Slovenia – visiting Ljubljana. Walking to city center over Three bridges, visiting the market, gondola drive up to the castle….  Costs: 10€ur pro person.

Last day
Departure day, last breakfast together, taking farewells and packing memories to take back home. In the case of late departure, visiting Vintgar Gorge.

There are several ways of getting to Slovenia. Good conections with Ljubljana airport, railway conections or bus bring yu to rich us quick and safe.  

Your accommodation in hostel is on the basis of BB or HB, drinks excludet. Hostel offer also common kitchen, where you can prepare lunch. Because of the programme, you will have also possibility to have lunch during the trip. 

Daily temperatures at Bled in May,  June or September are up to 25C. In the Alps themselves, the average summer temperature is 15C. Weather is stable at that time.  
We will adjust our programme to the weather. 

The whole group can be made made from 10 to 40 people. Each group have to have their own group leader. The whole group will have all days german speaking local guide. When we go up the mountains, we will be joined by additional and experience mountain guide.

The price for accommodation is: BB 19€ + tt, HB 29€ + tt pro person per day 
(price for 3 - 7 days programm based on your choose of the days) 
If you don't come with your own bus, add 50€ pro person for transfers.

In any case, contact us and we will make offer on the base of your request. 

041 608 223

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Walk through the rich nature of “Natura 2000” areas in Zasavje

Slovenia has a diverse landscape that stretches over 20,000 square kilometers. One-third of its surface represents natural areas, which are on the list of protected areas “Natura 2000” because of their biological and landscape diversity. Protected natural areas are also located in Zasavje, despite the fact that this smallest Slovenian region which is just a few kilometers east from the center of Slovenia, is known for its industrial past, associated with mining.

Author: Matej Strgaršek
Protected areas in Zasavje not only provide invaluable pleasure of observing beautiful nature of flora and fauna, but are also very popular destination of many domestic and foreign hikers. Many different paths lead travelers to the peaks from where they are able to see most of the Slovenian mountains. The highest peak in Zasavje, with one of the most beautiful views on the Slovenian mountains, is 1,220 meters high Kum. The area of Kum is overlapped by rare and threatened habitat types. These are the Scots pine forests, Illyrian beech forests, maple forests and dry grasslands. Nature lovers are impressed by some special flora and fauna along the way (common ladybell, Marsh Ground Beetle, Lesser Horseshoe Bat, Alpine goat, fritillary, etc.). In particular, we should mention “Kumski brezokec”, a small beetle that lives only in this area – a dedicated trail named after him, the Natural trail of Kumski brezokec, , where the circular path at Nature Park Kum encounters with the natural heritage of the area. Kum also presents a unique challenge for sports enthusiasts. The most popular sport to do there is hiking, but also cycling is increasingly gaining in importance. Every summer there is traditionally organized cycling race to Kum. No matter why you are going to Kum, a mountain hut on the top is waiting on you with tasty food, delicious desserts and the most beautiful view in Zasavje. 

Author: Branko Klančar
A slightly lower peak, but also naturally special, is the 1,122 meters high Mrzlica, which is, among other things, also home to endangered species of European butterfly (fritillary). Mrzlica is also a hiker and cyclist destination. Especially attractive is a winter St. Nicholas’s hike, when people are walking from different directions to the top of Mrzlica at evening hours with torches. At the final station on the top, St. Nicholas is waiting on children with sweet gifts, while adults can warm up with hot wine. Mrzlica is hiding many secrets which are attracting exploratory spirits.

Author: Branko Klančar
The third destination of beautiful nature and pleasures of sport is “Kopitnik”. At an altitude of a few meters below 1,000, there grow about 200 plant species. Kopitnik has a shape of a horseshoe. To the mountain hut run numerous trails, among which you can choose from ones where you can see springs of healing water or the Slovenian poet Anton Aškerc’s homestead along the way.

Author: Branko Klančar
Scenic natural areas of Natura 2000 in Zasavje are interesting and adventurous, accompanied by the rest of the tourist offer, for example Tourist Farms with domestic products. The easiest way to experience the beauty of nature in Zasavje is to stay there for several days and get to know the surroundings via the local people. Youth Center Trbovlje offers affordable and comfortable accommodation in a hostel. The Tourist Information Centre Zasavje, is also located there, with information for tourists and Café, where you can meet friendly locals. The hostel is located in the center of Trbovlje, it is easily accessible and offers 24 beds, breakfast, free parking, and free Wi-Fi. Because of location in the heart of Slovenia, tourists are able to travel fast to see other Slovenian sights.

Youth Hostel Trbovlje

Tjaša Sterniša

Tourist Information Centre Zasavje
Ulica 1. junija 18
1420 Trbovlje

TEL: 03 56 12 885
GSM: 041 663 507