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Enjoy the peace and greatness of the moment in Kranjska Gora

The Upper Sava Valley offers numerous historical events and get-togethers. All these hikes, entertainment programmes, ethnological evenings and festivities are organised and attended by people who love their hometown. And they want to show it to the visitors in the most hearty way. 

Kranjska Gora; Archives LTO Kranjska Gora; Photo J. Skok;
Winter has always been the time when farmers took a break from the daily work and started preparing themselves for the holidays. Although now ski events are the most-visited, crowded and fun events, the tradition of old village events, when myths and tales revive, is still alive...

Every year in March the Vitranc Cup (14.3.2015 – 15.3.2015) takes place with international ski contestants. Usually the atmosphere is incredible, fans very loud, and the slope excellent. Hundreds of workers make sure that the slope in Podkoren is perfect.

After the end of the sports part of the Vitranc Cup, the fun is far from being over: it is followed by musical performances, concerts and entertainment in the context of the “Q Max Party” (14.3.2015). A jewel of the Slovenian aeroplane designer, athlete and the designer of sports facilities, the engineer Stanko Bloudek – the ski jump in Planica has been a venue for international ski jumping tournaments since 1934. Until 2011, Planica was the holder of the world record ski jump by Bjørn Einar Romøren from 2005: 239m.  Don't forget to support the project of sustainable development and come to Planica by train or by carpooling. 

Q Max Party; Archives LTO Kranjska GorPhoto Miro Podgoršek; 
Taste a charged atmosphere for supporters as well as culinary delights in the Valley under the Ponce Mountains – Planica (19.3.2015 – 22.3.2015).

After the tournament is concluded, join us at the Open Air Planica (21.3.2015) event in Kranjska Gora. The biggest open-air event filled with sports spirit, presentation of contestants, awarding of competition numbers, concerts and other entertainment.

Open Air Planica; Archives;

Located in a quiet part of Kranjska Gora, Youth Hostel Nika is surrounded by nature, lush vegetation and mountains. Ski Centre Kranjska Gora can be reached in 1 km, while the town centre is just 800 metres away. Free Wi-Fi is available and the hostel features a restaurant, a bar and a terrace.

On the Outskirts of the Triglav National Park, above the Jasna lakes and right at the foothills of the Julian Alps is a paradise for hikers, skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, climbers, nature lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts - Hostel Barovc! Hostel Barovc Team will do their best to make your stay enjoyable and experience unforgettable!

Youth Hostel Barovc - Kranjska Gora
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