Monday, 16 February 2015

Take advantage of the last few breaths of winter idyll

Hostel pod Voglom, which won the 1st Prize this year in the category of Youth Hostels in Slovenia and Hostel Cottage Suha, are inviting you to take advantage of the last few breaths of winter idyll. Snow on mount Vogel persists up to the beginning of May, but at that time we are being drawn to the warmer climate by the sea.

Hostel pod Voglom prepared affordable ski packages that include ski pass for Vogel Ski center. For 3-day package you pay € 127.80/person in a room with a bathroom. In the vicinity of the hostel there are ice skating rings and cross-country skiing in the beautiful upper and lower valley of Bohinj. Cross-country skiing is also available on Soriška planina Ski center, where the sun likes to hang out and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery from the mountain top. We also organize very popular snow rafting and sledding at night from mount Vogar for groups.

We rent snowshoes if you are tempted to go on a relaxing walk through the woods or snow-covered meadows. There is no shortage of enthusiasts, who make way through fresh snow for a romantic walk around Lake Bohinj. The path along the lake, where the road runs is trodden down, so the walk to the hostel is more comfortable and safe.

For more information about our offer and acitivities please visit our website:

Welcome into the embrace of the snowy forests and beautiful views from the mountains.

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