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Walk through the rich nature of “Natura 2000” areas in Zasavje

Slovenia has a diverse landscape that stretches over 20,000 square kilometers. One-third of its surface represents natural areas, which are on the list of protected areas “Natura 2000” because of their biological and landscape diversity. Protected natural areas are also located in Zasavje, despite the fact that this smallest Slovenian region which is just a few kilometers east from the center of Slovenia, is known for its industrial past, associated with mining.

Author: Matej Strgaršek
Protected areas in Zasavje not only provide invaluable pleasure of observing beautiful nature of flora and fauna, but are also very popular destination of many domestic and foreign hikers. Many different paths lead travelers to the peaks from where they are able to see most of the Slovenian mountains. The highest peak in Zasavje, with one of the most beautiful views on the Slovenian mountains, is 1,220 meters high Kum. The area of Kum is overlapped by rare and threatened habitat types. These are the Scots pine forests, Illyrian beech forests, maple forests and dry grasslands. Nature lovers are impressed by some special flora and fauna along the way (common ladybell, Marsh Ground Beetle, Lesser Horseshoe Bat, Alpine goat, fritillary, etc.). In particular, we should mention “Kumski brezokec”, a small beetle that lives only in this area – a dedicated trail named after him, the Natural trail of Kumski brezokec, , where the circular path at Nature Park Kum encounters with the natural heritage of the area. Kum also presents a unique challenge for sports enthusiasts. The most popular sport to do there is hiking, but also cycling is increasingly gaining in importance. Every summer there is traditionally organized cycling race to Kum. No matter why you are going to Kum, a mountain hut on the top is waiting on you with tasty food, delicious desserts and the most beautiful view in Zasavje. 

Author: Branko Klančar
A slightly lower peak, but also naturally special, is the 1,122 meters high Mrzlica, which is, among other things, also home to endangered species of European butterfly (fritillary). Mrzlica is also a hiker and cyclist destination. Especially attractive is a winter St. Nicholas’s hike, when people are walking from different directions to the top of Mrzlica at evening hours with torches. At the final station on the top, St. Nicholas is waiting on children with sweet gifts, while adults can warm up with hot wine. Mrzlica is hiding many secrets which are attracting exploratory spirits.

Author: Branko Klančar
The third destination of beautiful nature and pleasures of sport is “Kopitnik”. At an altitude of a few meters below 1,000, there grow about 200 plant species. Kopitnik has a shape of a horseshoe. To the mountain hut run numerous trails, among which you can choose from ones where you can see springs of healing water or the Slovenian poet Anton Aškerc’s homestead along the way.

Author: Branko Klančar
Scenic natural areas of Natura 2000 in Zasavje are interesting and adventurous, accompanied by the rest of the tourist offer, for example Tourist Farms with domestic products. The easiest way to experience the beauty of nature in Zasavje is to stay there for several days and get to know the surroundings via the local people. Youth Center Trbovlje offers affordable and comfortable accommodation in a hostel. The Tourist Information Centre Zasavje, is also located there, with information for tourists and Café, where you can meet friendly locals. The hostel is located in the center of Trbovlje, it is easily accessible and offers 24 beds, breakfast, free parking, and free Wi-Fi. Because of location in the heart of Slovenia, tourists are able to travel fast to see other Slovenian sights.

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