Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Winter Fairytale in Jezersko

All travelers who are staying in Hostel Pod Skalo in Kamnik town or Hostel Kranj in Kranj town, are kindly invited to visit the small mountain paradise, about 45 minutes by car from both hostels. 

“Far away on the north of Ljubljana Basin, where the peaks of the Kamnik Alps touch the sky and separate the sunny Carniola from Carinthia, lies a small land, entirely independent and surrounded by high mountains – Jezersko.” This was written a hundred years ago in the first paragraph of a short publication about Jezersko by Igor Muri and Rudolf Andrejka.

When experiencing a winter idyll in Jezersko, you definitely cannot stay indifferent. You can relax with a walk along the valley, ice skating on the frozen Planšarsko Lake or on the artificial ice rink by the lake, cross-country skiing or tobogganing on one of the most popular tracks in Slovenia. Free-ride skiing enthusiasts can experience unforgettable adventures in the snow-clad mountain world of Jezersko. The most courageous and skilled climbers can enjoy climbing in the walls of the Kamnik Alps or on frozen waterfalls. You are welcome to take part in the winter fairytale …

Cross-country skiing
Meadows of the Jezersko valley above the Planšarsko jezero Lake and the Ravenska Kočna valley are perfect for cross-country skiing. The trails pass through a diverse and sunny terrain. During a true cross-country adventure to the Ravenska Kočna valley you will enjoy breathtaking views of the steep walls of the Grintovec Mountains. Fifteen kilometres of carefully maintained trails have convinced and fascinated numerous cross-country skiing enthusiasts. Come and try them out yourself!

Ski touring
Pleasure-seeking travelers, who love nature and skiing and gladly exchange the crowds of ski slopes for ski touring adventures, will have a lot to discover in Jezersko. In the deepest of winters, when the avalanches thunder down the northern walls of the Grintovec mountains, you can ski (almost) carefree in the shelter of forests at the slopes of the mountains Pečovnik, Jezerski vrh, Pristovški Storžič, Goli vrh and Štularjeva planina pasture. Spring brings the best ski touring conditions to the mountains and that is when the white slopes of the Vadine plateau and around the Češka koča mountain hut await you bathing in the first sun rays.

Ice skating
When the temperatures are low enough, our famous Planšarsko jezero lake freezes and it guarantees pure ice-skating pleasure. Next to the lake there is also an artificial ice rink, appropriate for organizing outdoor activities or enjoying the company of your friends.

Sledging is one of the most attractive winter activities for young and old alike. In the Jezersko valley you can sledge from every snow-covered slope. We also offer organized sledging trips where by prior appointment everyone can attend - friends, families, companies and school groups.

Jezersko valley is famous for its numerous summits, which you can climb all year round. If you prefer shorter and less demanding hikes then we recommend you to try out paths around the Planšarsko jezero lake, hike on the themed route to the Ravenska Kočna valley, visit the old church of St. Oswald, Ank waterfalls or the viewpoint at Mali vrh. To all of you who would like see the Jezersko valley from above, we recommend the fairly demanding tours to the following summits: Veliki vrh, Stegovnik, Kozji vrh, Virnikov Grintovec, Pristovški Storžič and Goli vrh. They are accessible in every season of the year. More experienced mountaineers from near and far have been climbing the mighty summits of the Grintovec Mountains for more than 200 years. Mountain huts Češka koča and Kranjska koča v Vadinah are perfect starting points for more demanding tours on secured trails to the following mountains: Kočna, Grintovec, Dolgi Hrbet, Skuta, Rinke and Babe. The trail over Mlinarsko sedlo saddle leads to Kokrško sedlo saddle, and if you take the route over the Jezersko and Savinjsko sedlo saddle, you will arrive to the neighboring Logarska dolina valley and Belska Kočna valley. 

You must to taste… mineral water spring
Above the Ank’s homestead there is a spring of mineral water, the so-called “Jezerska slatina”. It is rich in manganese and ammonium and is therefore recommended to people with cardiovascular diseases. Its high concentrations of magnesium on the other hand can stimulate digestion. In the neighboring Eisenkappel, similar water is being used for medicinal baths. In 2013 a water Main was laid all the way to the main road where you can also taste it.

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