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Experience Zasavje – experience undiscovered

Zasavje is the smallest region, which lies in the center of Slovenia. Green hills, three town centers in the valley and divers river Sava, which flows by the all three towns, offers more that you could even imagine. This time we represent you three different offers, which can be combined by the each traveler.  

Phooto Matej Strgaršek

“Sport adrenaline specials” is for visitors, who want a bit of boldness, combined with sporty touch:

- Exploring the Perkmandeljcs Kingdom, this can take you underground the surface – to the mine, made of labyrinth of many tunnels. We can explore around with the head lamps and drive with the mining carts, meanwhile we can search for the dwarf Perkmandeljcs home. 
- Adrenalin jump with the parachute from the Zasavje hills, which offers a beautiful view through the whole region of Zasavje. Flying with the parachute is available with an experienced instructor, who makes your trip more attractive. 
- Strategic Airsoft and Paintball in Zasavje forest is offering colorful and adventure spectacle between two or more groups by the scenario, which visitors choose.   
- Horseback riding on the degraded mining areas, which covers special experience and touring on the degraded mine areas.
-Bike descent and ascent on a marked forest and road trails

If you like nature, you can choose one of the “Nature touch” activities, where you can learn about special plants and vegetables in the region:

- A trip to an organic farm Ergela Planido, where a breading of special type of horses is a must see, also you can explore a rural museum and try some of the rural tasks. 
- A trip to regions hills is also a big experience, especially where you can see a beautiful view from its top. Kum, Zasavska sveta gora, Mrzlica, Sveta Planina and Kal are the most famous hills in Zasavje region with nice cottage restaurants. Access to the hills can be possible with a car or you can take a walk from the valley.
- Visiting theme parks are also special in the Zasavje region – Valvasors Beekeepers Park, Prusnik Park or Kums bug Park. By visiting those parks you will get to know different special types of plants, trees and animals, typical for those places. 
- Fishing in Zagorjes pond – just a touch away from the bustle of the town, you can enjoy sport fishing and try fish food in a restaurant nearby. 

Photo Branko Klančar

Because Zasavje is well known as an industrial region, we offer you trips, where you can “explore industrial heritage”:

- Museum of Hrastnik, where you get to know about the Hrastniks  history, coalmining industry and glass factory
- Museum of Zasavje – Trbovlje offers the whole exploration of regions development and the exhibition of coalmining industry
- Visits to mining apartment in Hrastnik and mining colony in Trbovlje, where you can find out, how the miners and their families lived
- Visit to a Glass factory Hrastnik, where you can walk in the factory and learn how the products from the glass are made – they can be found all across the world. 
- Walking on the Ethnological mining path offers a nice walk through a unique mining colony in Trbovlje, where you can listen some stories about the miners, told by the locals. 

For more information about the excursions visit our website

Youth center and hostel Trbovlje offers different types of rooms. For 18€ you can get rested in a dormitory with 14 beds, or you can rent a double bed room for extra 4€. All the rooms are equipped with a bathroom. 

In the Youth Hostel Trbovlje there is a Tourist information centre of Zasavje, where visitors can get free brochures about the region and where you can also get a help with planning your trip around Zasavje. 

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