Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Group hang-out when the nature is awaking

The nature is about to wake up from the winter slumber and it invites you to escape the four walls the grey weather probably had you spend most of the time. Slovenia is the perfect choice to get in touch with nature and its springtime beauty, for it has rich nature with different features to offer and is considered among the most beautiful on our planet. So have your group enjoy the visit of this small but all too lovely country, where HI Hosteling Slovenia will help you find a budget friendly and high quality Youth Hostel that will welcome you. Here we present just a few of them.

Hostel Pod Skalo is in the heart of Kamnik, were you’ll never run of outdoor sporting and recreational activities. It’s becoming an ever more popular tourist destination in Slovenia, as it’s only 25km away from the national capital (Ljubljana) and 10 km from the Slovenian main international airport. The hostel is in the old but renovated town mansion that allows for a restful retreat after many activities you’ll be enjoying during the day. From here you can also go to the city of youth and city of rock that always has something to offer! Velenje, the youngest Slovenian town, will charm everybody with its rich offer of events and rich cultural and natural heritage. At hostel Velenje, which is part of the youth centre and has a lot of experience with hosting and organizing events for large groups, they will take care of all your needs. If you enjoy good food and good wine we invite you to go to the region of Prekmurje, where people love to stop and sing a traditional song in the vineyard. After the long testing of homemade food and wine you can be pampered at the spa of Terme Radenci, which are really close to the hostel Radenci, part of the highschool dorm with a rich offer of activities. If you, however, prefer to get your feet wet in the waters of Slovenia – weather on the coast or in the lakes – you can do that as well. In Portorož we offer a stay at a hostel standing at the highest point of this coastal town, offering you a great view of the Slovenian, Croatian and Italian coastline in the northern Adriatic. The hostel is so big you can play hide and seek with your group while there, with it being a real challenge for the seeker. A somewhat smaller hostel Bledec, which was among the first in Slovenia, has prepared a few interesting offers for a few days to explore lake Bled and its surroundings. For more info click HERE. And last but no least is the Hostel Podčetrtek, which makes the visitors feel right at home and lets them experience the pristine local atmosphere. As part of the tourist offer in the field of health, they offer a visit to wellness, swimming pools and local culinary expertise, that are attracting guests from the whole world to visit Podčtrtek. Apart from eating and sleeping you can also continue your exploration across the border in Croatia, which is only a stone’s throw away.

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