Thursday, 23 April 2015

Experience Vinska vigred in Metlika

The Vinska vigred festival has been the biggest Slovenian cultural, tourist and wine festival for more than 30 years. Over a period of three days, the three squares of the Metlika old town centre are filled with vibrant events. 

Visitors can enjoy the sounds and tastes of the ancient town full of cultural events, workshops and entertaining experiences for all ages. They can taste the award-winning wines, including late harvest wines, attend workshops and learn how to make typical Bela krajina flatbread called belokranjska pogača, visit the exhibition of special local handicraft and the exhibition of culinary specialities, or visit a museum or a gallery. Visitors can build up their strengths for new experiences with typical Bela krajina dishes – from pogača to roasted lamb or suckling pig. During the festival, the selection of the queen of Metliška črnina wine and the presentation of the highest awarded Bela krajina wines takes place. The Vinska vigred festival is also the finishing point of the traditional cycling marathon from Ljubljana to Metlika. 

There are organised coach transfers from Youth Hostel Črnomelj and Youth Hostel Novo mesto.

The wine festival in Metlika is held every year on the third weekend of May.

Turistično informacijski center Metlika
Trg svobode 4
8330 Metlika
tel.: 07 36 35 470
gsm: 040 454 019

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kranjska Gora – where the adventure begins

Discover the treasure trove of the Upper Sava Valley the heart of which is Kranjska Gora. Let your adventure begin here! Experience more than 150 original adventures prepared by tourism workers and the always hospitable villagers of the Upper Sava Valley.

Source Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora, photo Bogomir Košir
Are you lacking inspiration for summer activities? Don't be afraid. The story goes on and on: first you visit us in winter, and then you return in the summer. Under the warm sun, the whole Upper Sava Valley is the venue of lively summer activities for you and your family!

Do you love the fresh mountain air? We invite you to explore more than 100 kilometres of hiking trails, from the easiest recreational to more demanding mountain trails. For a start, obtain the Upper Sava Valley walking map in the Kranjska Gora Tourist Information Centre which have the description of 20 marked trails.

Source Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora, photo Matjaž Vidmar
One of the most beautiful Slovenian cycling paths lead from Rateče through Kranjska Gora, past the Gozd Martuljek up to Mojstrana.

The route is very picturesque, since it partly leads along an abandoned railway route over many bridges, and is almost entirely isolated from motor traffic. Without demanding ascents, and with inns and pleasant resting places it is suitable for children as well. 

Source Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora, photo Iztok Noč
Hostel Barovc Team will do their best to make your stay enjoyable and experience unforgettable! Hostel Barovc offers wireless Internet throughout the facility, internet and info point, a covered terrace and indoor entertainment area with a large selection of board games and a mini library, a restaurant, which offers a rich breakfast and tasty local dishes at affordable prices, bar with terrace and splendid views, a reception that is open 24 hours, a heated room for ski equipment and much more.

Youth Hostel Barovc
More about events in Tourist destination Kranjska Gora you can find on

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spring invitation to Hostel pod Voglom and Cottage Suha

Winter is over and nature in Bohinj is visibly revived. And nature here is really abundant!

The water temperature is not suitable for relaxed enjoyment, but it is appropriate for a jump to adrenaline heights. It is possible to hire canoes, but guests are advised not to go too far to the middle of the lake as water temperature is really low in case of a fall. For those with some experience it is already possible to descend the canyon Jerečica or go down the Sava River with rafts.

In the spring time, when the mountains are inappropriate to visit due to snow, our guests are invited to discover the beautiful valley at this time of year with bicycles.

Spring’s “Happy April” offers free bicycle rental for guests who stay at Hostel pod Voglom or Cottage Suha for at least 3 nights. The offer is valid in the month of April.

Since the spring time is time of new beginnings, this calls for cleaning for new to enter.  In April there is traditional Green Weekend in Bohinj, where Hostel pod Voglom and Cottage Suha are also taking part. There are special discounts for guests who take part in the cleaning.

In May our program will be in full range. Besides our sport offer, we also offer lunch or a picnic outside if the weather permits. For more information or booking please contact us via email:

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Vipava Valley

So magnificent and awesome, say many. And indeed, it is so. Each traveller, may he be on his way from the central Slovenia towards the coast or from the western border to the Slovene capital will stop for a minute to admire Nanos. Then there is the Vipava River which comes to life from under the very mountain and created this unique valley millions of years ago, Paradise itself, on its way to the Soča. 

The Upper Vipava Valley, situated on 350 km2 joins two communities, the Vipava and Ajdovščina communities and counts approx. 24000 residents. This part is a unique mixture of Mediterranean as well as the Continental features. The spring in the valley is for a whole two months longer than in the central part of Slovenia, this is why fruits and vines thrive nowhere as well as right here. And all that despite the strong Bora (Burja) wind which shows its power, and can reach a dangerous 180 kph. However, around the valley, on the Karst Plateau, the climate is already different, no longer so kind and pleasant but already crafty and mean. But right there the view is incomparable, from Nanos, Hrušica, Trnovski gozd (forest) and the Vipava hills you can hug the castles, country seats, churches and all the vineyards the valley prides itself on. 

Vipava hills have a lot of sunny days, which enables winegrowers to grow as many as 25 different types of grapes. Vipava wine road leads through the valley and it connects 30 wine towns and many wine cellars. “Enoteca Vipava” is the centre of Vipava wines, since we are offering more than 170 types from the whole valley. Wine lovers can taste many high quality white and red wines. The most special among these are the wines from indigenous Vipava’s grapes: zelen, pinela and klarnica.

The Vipava Valley offers possibilities for outdoor activities and recreation throughout the year because of its mild climate. Countless trails and roads that lead through hills with vineyards and the Nanos plateau offer many possibilities for cycling.

Habits and customs contribute to the uniqueness of this valley and its people as well as the wine and its production. The greatest festival of this valley is “Vintage”. Winegrowing is an ancient tradition. A well-known festivity is called “Wine Callars of the Vipava Valley between St. Martin’s Day and Christmas” and as become quite popular in the last few years. Individual villages show their cultural, artistic heritages. Each year in May, the Zemono Manor host the traditional “Flavours of the Vipava Valley” wine and culinary festival. Furthermore, throughout the whole year visitors can taste the Vipava’s rich wines and delicious food, while in spring and autumn they can pay a visit to “osmica”, i.e. farms that open their doors for eight days, inviting people to try their homemade food and drink. “Osmice” are marked with bunches of ivy as well as signposts. This habit started during the sovereignty of Maria Teresa who considered this a way to fight the poverty among the farmers. Now the main purpose of this occasion is enjoying oneself. 

We are announcing the first Ultra Trail Vipava Valley. Runners can choose from 3 distances: 100 km, 50 km and 25 km, all of them offering unforgettable challenge and experience: breathtaking views, spring scents and flavors and hospitable locals.

Where you can book a quality and affordable bed in Ajdovščina?
You will be warmly welcome in Hostel Ajdovščina, which is located on the fringes of town in Pale Sport Park. The Hostel has a fascinating architectural structure with numerous wooden and stone details and a gable roof, cov-ered with terracotta tiles, which instantly resembles a traditional Vipava house. The interior, in spite of a modern approach, is bright, warm and inviting as well, due to the fact that its furniture is mostly made of wooden materials. The hostel offer 50 beds, breakfast, free internet in all the rooms and in the web corner, at the info point  the information for tourist and entertainment events in Ajdovščina and its surroundings is at hand.

See you in Vipava Valley!

TIC Vipava:
Tel: 05 368 70 41

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jesenice, city of steel and flowers

Are you staying at the Bledec Youth Hostel in Bled or the Barovc Youth Hostel in Kranjska Gora and are you in search of an idea for a day trip? Nothing easier. The town of Jesenice is just a few minutes away using local transport. Welcome to the city of steel and flowers where natural and cultural attractions are just waiting to be discovered. 

You are cordially invited to take a stroll through the well-preserved ironworks town, which stands as a temple dedicated to human power and faith in progress. The industrial architecture and machinery are a true testament to life and work in those bygone days. 

Stara Sava is a cultural monument and a museum area that also doubles as a place where the town’s social, cultural and tourist events are organised. Why not pay us a visit and experience our town as a place of culture, fun and friendly gatherings?

We invite everyone who wants to discover the history of Jesenice to visit the Ironworks Museum in the Ruard Manor. The once opulent home of the owners of the ironworks today houses numerous interesting museum exhibits, which are a testament to the past life and work of the local inhabitants. The movable models and the reconstructed smithy are especially fascinating.

It would naturally be ill-mannered to pass up an invitation to have coffee in the reconstructed worker's apartment located in the Kasarna (old barracks) building on Stara Sava. You'll be able to see original furniture and furnishings and go back in time to the 1930s. The icing on the cake is sure to be the aromatic barley coffee served there, the kind our mums used to crumble bread into and serve nice and hot for breakfast.

The town? Great. What about nature? Even better.

Planina pod Golico is just a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of city life. The locals like to call it paradise. Mother Nature really gave it her all here and stopped time while she was about it. This quaint little village with friendly locals, well-preserved nature and sumptuous vistas invites you to discover the true meaning of relaxation. You might consider taking a carriage ride or perhaps you just want to take a walk.

You might just feel like sitting on the edge of a pasture and admiring the beautiful nature surrounding you on all sides:

Come round any time, not just in May, since daffodils are reflected in the steel, ironworks and eyes looking out at you from old paintings. 

Welcome to the city of steel and flowers! 

TIC Jesenice 
Cesta maršala Tita 18 
4270 Jesenice
T: +386 4 586 31 78