Thursday, 23 April 2015

Experience Vinska vigred in Metlika

The Vinska vigred festival has been the biggest Slovenian cultural, tourist and wine festival for more than 30 years. Over a period of three days, the three squares of the Metlika old town centre are filled with vibrant events. 

Visitors can enjoy the sounds and tastes of the ancient town full of cultural events, workshops and entertaining experiences for all ages. They can taste the award-winning wines, including late harvest wines, attend workshops and learn how to make typical Bela krajina flatbread called belokranjska pogača, visit the exhibition of special local handicraft and the exhibition of culinary specialities, or visit a museum or a gallery. Visitors can build up their strengths for new experiences with typical Bela krajina dishes – from pogača to roasted lamb or suckling pig. During the festival, the selection of the queen of Metliška črnina wine and the presentation of the highest awarded Bela krajina wines takes place. The Vinska vigred festival is also the finishing point of the traditional cycling marathon from Ljubljana to Metlika. 

There are organised coach transfers from Youth Hostel Črnomelj and Youth Hostel Novo mesto.

The wine festival in Metlika is held every year on the third weekend of May.

Turistično informacijski center Metlika
Trg svobode 4
8330 Metlika
tel.: 07 36 35 470
gsm: 040 454 019

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