Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Kranjska Gora – Ski and cosmopolitan centre

It is due to the world cups Vitranc and Planica that the winter resort of Kranjska Gora has become so famous. In Kranjska Gora and its surroundings the lively adventures of the Julian Alps are waiting for you. There are countless adventures you can try, from an active holiday to a peaceful discovering of nature and the cultural heritage. You can uncover the mystery of well-being in the rich wellness offer, attend business and social meetings or take your family to explore the mystical past of the Zgorenjesavska valley.

@Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora; foto Matjaž Vidmar; 
A faster and more active way of enjoying the charms of Kranjska Gora and its surrounding is by bike. You can decide on a leisurely pedalling or on more demanding trips into the heart of the Alpine valleys. For this reason, we have prepared a map of cycling trips in the Zgornjesavska valley, which shows over 200 kilometres of cycling tracks. The map illustrates many well-worth seeing sights and provides the most thorough and perhaps the most attractive way of getting to know this particular part of Slovenia. The cycling map can be obtained from all tourist information offices of Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana and Rateče.

@Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora; foto Matjaž Vidmar; 
You can sweat and get a suntan on the steep slopes of the Karavanke mountain range. The cycling trail of the three countries starting on the three-country border with Austria and Italy allows you to pass through the valley of Radovna and go for a quick visit of Bled. You can leave the well-kept cycling trails and explore numerous rough terrain routes. The genuine cyclers will not let the ascent of the highest Slovene mountain pass, the 1611 metres high Vršič, escape them.

You can take a cycle trip around the Julian Alps with the round trip leading from Kranjska Gora via Bled, Bohinj, Tolmin, Kobarid, Bovec and Vršič back to Kranjska Gora. This cycle ride, a round trip of 232 kilometres, can be completed either in five separate stages or on five separate days.

@Arhiv LTO Kranjska Gora; foto Matjaž Vidmar; 
For those looking for their surge of adrenalin, Kranjska Gora offers the Bike Park and its numerous pleasures – freeriding, the adrenaline-filled freeriding over jumps, tables, seesaws and other obstacles. Take the Vitranc 1 ski lift to come to the start of the Bike Park and experience the ride of your life.

In Kranjska Gora you will wake up to a beautiful day. Youth Hostel Barovc is on the Outskirts of the Triglav National Park, above the Jasna lakes and right at the foothills of the Julian Alps is a paradise for hikers, skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, climbers, nature lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts … Hostel Barovc is much more than just another lodging place. It is the story of passionate and enthusiastic young people. It is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. The dream, that we wish to share with you -their future guest. 


Kranjska Gora Tourist Board 
Kolodvorska ul. 1b, SI - 4280 Kranjska Gora
T: + 386 (0)4 588 50 20
GSM: +386 (0)41 933 433

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Slovenian Youth Hosteling network – best in the world

In the period between January – May 2015 Slovenian hostels are at the peak of world's quality

Hosteling International (HI) Slovenia, as the national representative of the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF), has always strived to reach the highest quality standards and that is why we are extremely proud of winning the first place among the 41 countries that were considered for the price. The success is based on the ten hostels that were evaluated during this time period; these hostels were: Tresor and YH Ljubljana (Bit center) from Ljubljana, Alieti from Izola, Bledec from Bled, Pekarna and Uni from Maribor, Histria from Koper, Proteus from Postojna, Menina from Rečica ob Savinji and finally Hostel Radenci. The average score of the hostels reached the remarkable 93,3%, with points being given in all categories from staff friendliness to comfort, location and cleanliness. Also important is, that none of the mentioned hostels had the average mark under 90% in the year of 2015, which means that even the worst of these hostels reaches the average of the 7th best marked national network in the world.

We are especially proud of taking first place due to votes of the guests, who slept at our hostels and have thus gained higher ratings than Singapore, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Iceland and further 36 evaluated countries. HI Slovenia is aware of the responsibility the Slovenian tourism development strategy 2012-2016 bestows upon us and are always satisfied, when we can show international achievements to boost the recognisability of Slovenia as a destination of excellency. Slovenia cannot compete by drawing larger crowds of tourists, or being drastically cheaper. We can, however, compete with quality and rich offers, which we have proven with this great achievement, which HI Slovenia just demonstrated.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Adrenalin on the Soča river

Bovec, a soothing town, located between gorgeous summits of Julian Alps and the river Soča, is a small place in the Soča Valley, which offers you unforgettable experiences. It is a town filled with historical heritage, gourmet local food and adrenalin pleasures. The nature surroundings tell stories from how Bovec survived Turkish invasions in the 15th century to the bloody Soča front in the 1st World war. It is a hidden valley offering peace and relaxation, with stunning scenery and on the contrary also adrenaline excitement. 

We are a small local company specialized in wild water activities. We specialize in sharing personal, safe and unforgettable outdoor activities. Trying to make the atmosphere and your stay comfortable, we explore the exciting wonders and mysteries of the Soča river. 

If you are looking for a high dosage adrenalin rush, you came to the right place. Rafting is an activity suitable for everyone. We visit the most challenging section of the river, we navigate trough a big boulder garden and paddle on high waves. Nobody stays dry, we assure you. The trip is filled with paddling, surfing, swimming, jumping of rocks and unconditional fun.  

We hold the opinion that the tiniest members of our family should not be deprived of the most amazing time on the river. We offer a program, where small children, from the age of four, participate in the whitewater activities and not wait for their parents with sadness in their eyes. At first we teach some special commands for the kids, give them paddles and the action starts.

If you are into riding solo, we have a perfect activity for you. We organize trips with extreme and also very friendly and stable inflatable kayaks for more adventurous and adrenalin seeking people. You do not need any previous experience to enjoy your trip. After a few tips you will have the knowledge to navigate your kayak easily, but still under the guides surveillance. Fun, adrenalin, and smiles are guaranteed. 

Is the one action, which take you back in history. Sliding of natural sculpted slides will make you feel like you are little again. Jumping of rocks into a see trough pool will make your heart tingle. Challenge yourself and discover the joys of a natural aqua park.  

For all HI members 15% discount on rafting, 10% discount on canyoning and kayak trip.

For additional information please call or write us on the following contacts:
Reka 2010 d.o.o.
Trg Golobarkih zrtev 40
Bovec 5230
+386 (0) 41-596-104

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Water adventures in Brežice

In the summer Brežice and its surroundings transform in a real water adventure.  On the river beds of the rivers Krka, Sava and Sotla you can explore the wonderful green world with a SUP board or a canoe. You can refresh yourself by swimming in the water.  A real "beach resort" - First Wake Park awaits all lovers of sliding on the water surface.

Stand-up-Paddleboarding is a relaxing, and above all entertaining form of recreation on the water, where we stand on the board and with the help of paddle strokes enjoy the nature that surrounds us. It is suitable for all ages, pre-knowledge and good physical fitness is not required. In MC hostel Brežice we prepared a two person package. The SUP, CHILL & SLEEP Package includes accommodation in a 2-bed room with breakfast, 2 hours Rent a SUP and daily Rent a Bike. The price is 71,20 €.

First WakePark is located on the Lake Borst which has, with its crystal water, for decades attracted visitors looking for refreshment. Surfing is a true global success and on the lake Borst there are located facilities as “Pop Up Tube", "Kicker" and "Rooftop", so you can try to wake.  On the floating terrace you can relax after a busy day, enjoy the water and watch the surfers in full action. It is suitable for beginners and recreational enthusiasts. In MC hostel Brežice we prepared a package for two persons -  WAKE, CHILL & SLEEP. The package includes accommodation in a 2-bed room with breakfast, daily ticket for First WakePark  and daily Rent a Bike. The price is 63,20 €.

Sports and recreation centre Grič is located near Brežice, by the river Krka. It operates during the summer season and offers its visitors a different experience of nature. You can enjoy the water, on regulated grassy banks of the river, canoeing on the river, you can rent a picnic area, and you have sports fields for volleyball, soccer, bowling and archery. In MC hostel Brežice we prepared a package for two persons - CANOEING, CHILL & SLEEP. The package includes accommodation in a 2-bed room with breakfast, daily Rent a Canoe and daily Rent a Bike. The price is 53,20 €.

Discover Brežice, discover MC hostel Brežice! For reservations and additional information please contact us on 059083797 or

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Offer for groups

Are you wondering how to prepare an interesting and lively program for the holidays for a group of travellers? Our offers are perfect for larger groups where logistics is not quite as simple and you need to deal with reliable tourist operators. We, the HI Slovenia, with our network of 45 youth hostels and a network of tourist operators, can help you out. We offer great holidays for groups that wish to explore Slovenia, at the best prices. Let us give you a few tips for your group that is bound to be charmed by the beauty of Slovenia.

Youth Hostel Pekarna
 You may start with the visit of Kranjska Gora and the national park Triglav, where you can stay at the Hostel Barovec, which offers great view of the Slovenian Alps. Great vies and rich natural as well as cultural heritage offer great possibilities for adrenalin lovers, hikers, climbers, cyclists… Hostel Barovc is appropriate both for individual travellers and groups, and it’s good to know that the friends on four paws are also welcome. For exploring the rich history we invite you to the stroll around the labyrinth of mine shafts under the town of Idrija. Idrija is a town placed on the UNESCO world heritage list and is the oldest known mining town that extracted mercury. Its past held both prosperous and harsh times, but always interesting. You can book your stay at Hostel Idrija, standing proudly on top of a hill with a great view of the town. 

The city of Maribor is getting ready to celebrate the Lent Festival. It’s the biggest international and intercultural event in Slovenia. Enjoy the vibrant happening that offers everything from pop concerts, ethno music, jazz jam sessions, street theatre, workshops for children, sporting events… As the city is overcrowded at the time of the festival, we suggest you book well ahead, and it’s good to know you can do that at Hostel Pekarna, really close to the main venues of the festival. As the summers are getting hotter and hotter we also offer the possibility to cool down by the river. Hostel Menina is just next to the Savinja River and it won’t disappoint you. You could say that the hostel – a part of camping site Menina is a miniature version of our world. There are several types of boarding possibilities, many ways to relax, different culinary offers, many forms of recreational sports… there’s something to suit anybody and it offers you a great time in nature. A lively and tricky owner Jure will make you burst out laughing even if the weather will be a bit under the weather. There is room there for everything but bad mood. 

Youth Hostel Pekarna
There’s also a great opportunity by the river Kola, which is a border river with Croatia. A stunning and above all warm enough, it offers many sporting activities for your group, such as rafting, boat rides, adventures with canoes… As you make your way down the river Kolpa, accompanied by white lime trees, you’ll forget your worries and enjoy the nature. And when you need a place to stay, there the Hostel Črnomelj, which offers full board with beds and warm meals. And last but not least, we invite all who enjoy the sea to visit Slovenian coast, which is not long, but it’s nice and full of surprises and great food. Slovenian coast is like a box of chocolates, there’s something sweet every step of the way. Hostel Debeli rtič is part of the Slovenian Red Cross, which has its premises there to offers summer holidays to those with health issues. That’s why the hostel also benefits from the great climate and surroundings.

Friday, 8 May 2015

What is happening in Hostel Tresor?

Banks are unique and lively places. Said no one ever… Until you visit Hostel Tresor.

Our big story started almost exactly two years ago, in the beginning of spring. Those two years were the best, craziest and the busiest years for all of us. But now is the time to sit down, drink coffee and take some short overview after a lot of work in March, when we had to accomplish our goals during the day and celebrate 2nd anniversary during the night.

Back in time….probably everyone of us never thought how interesting and how lively place a bank can be, with a lot of vivid colors on the walls, funny and thoughtful quotes, friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere. To transform well known bank, a big and grey Vienna secession building (totally bank thing, right?) into a Youth Hostel, was a huuuge piece of cake. But we gave a try, because in every boring story you can add vivid colors and make it funny and lively, to read it over and over again.

After a first year we found out how successful our story is going to be, we already had more than 17.000 overnights and that was a big number. With penthouse Tresor, hostel got closer to the Erasmus exchange students and other guests. To stay half of the year or even a whole year in the heart of Ljubljana was exciting for them as well. We also joined campaign ''donate a lunch'', organized Slovenian days, ''Smoothie'' days, had karaoke night, hosted a lot of fairs and even designer's second hand resell shop (2nd Chance).

In March 2015 we renovated our reception, which is now bigger and presents our hostels as modern and unique even more. We opened the hair salon in the basement and soon, very soon, we will have our very own bar there. How cool is that? 

We organized bunch of events and tried to do our best to bring life into a hostel. Hostel also got first Bitcoin machine in Slovenia, where you can also pay with bitcoins for a room if you want. And good news if you are planning to visit Ljubljana in the future, municipality of Ljubljana is renovating famous Slovenska cesta, right next to the hostel, which is going to improve our city as green city. (our city has been named as Green capital 2016!). 

So if your plans for summer, fall, winter or spring include Ljubljana, definitely Tresor is your must visit at least to say hello, get a haircut or maybe drink some coffee  (as soon as we will open the bar) with us. Yours precious comments, reviews, opinions will give us far more enthusiasm to improve our mission and ourselves even more. 

''Money is only a tool, it will take you wherever you want, but it won't replace you as the driver'' Ayn Rand (quote in our hostel among all others quotes).

Till the next overview stay happy and positive.
Jasmina H., hostel Tresor staff

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

From the depths of the mines to the twinkling stars

Idrija is the oldest Slovenian mining town, known nationally and around the world for its mercury wealth for over half a millennium. The underground treasure in Idrija attracted prominent European scientific minds, became the foundation of a lively town sustaining the families of Idrija, and over the course of several centuries of mining, evolving a maze of mine tunnels under the town. 

Idrija (Photo: Jani Peternelj)
In addition to the technical heritage that arose as a result of mining in Idrija, and now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is an area of the Idrija hills marked by diverse geomorphological, geological and botanical features (Wild Lake, the Idrija Fault, Gačnik, hidden and picturesque gorges in the upper reaches of the Idrijca River), which come together within Geopark Idrija.

Anthony`s shaft  (Photo: Jani Peternelj)
With the mine closures, the Idrija underground lost a little liveliness, but within a short space of time the Idrija miners have been replaced by curious tourists. Up above, in the town centre, there is always something interesting going on.

The 2nd Idrija Astronomy Week and Weekend of Experiments, beginning in May, is jointly organised by Geopark Idrija, Anthony's Main Road tourist mine, Idrija Youth Centre and the Natural History Museum of Slovenia.  From 6th - 12th May 2015 we will offer a variety of events designed for all ages. 

Observe the Sun and the Night Sky. Uncover the Secrets of the Night Sky lectures and presentations take place in the digital planetarium.  In the gallery above the Town Library, the Secrets and Form of the Solar System exhibition with guided tours for school groups, workshops, and a variety of experiments to take part in. In parallel with these events and as part of the 2nd Astronomy Week, we’ll be organising the Weekend of Experiments. In the spirit of the International Year of Light, volunteers will prepare a wide variety of experiments and workshops on the theme of light (more information and program for the 2nd Astronomy Week and Weekend of Experiments from:

For all those who would like to explore the mysteries of the universe, thousands of light-years away and would also love to descend into the depths of Idrija mine tunnels, we have prepared an attractive package suitable for individuals and families. 

Arrival and accommodation at Hostel Idrija 
Guided tour of Idrija 
Observing the Night Sky 

Visit the planetarium
Observing the Sun  
View the Secrets and Form of the Solar System exhibition 
Visit the permanent exhibition at Gewerkenegg Castle 
Workshops & games on astronomy knowledge 
Making a Comet workshop
Dinner and overnight

Visit the Weekend of Experiments (Mestni trg)
Visit to Anthony's Main Road  
Visit to Kamšt, mining locomotives and Scopoli's Garden
A walk along the ob Raka nature learning trail
Visit to Wild Lake

Adults from € 66.60                                 
Children from € 59.00
Pre-schoolers from € 58.00 

• Includes admission charges according to the itinerary, 2 nights in Hostel Idrija in a three- or four-bed room.
• Supplement: lunch, dinner, tourist tax 


Hostel Idrija is located in pleasant surroundings close to Idrija town centre. The centre, where you can see Idrija's rich mercury mining heritage, shop for Idrija lace and enjoy the local cuisine, is just a few minutes walk away.

Hostel Idrija offers affordable accommodation in double, triple or quadruple-bed rooms, or for larger groups, an eight-bed dorm is also available.

MONTH OF MAY - MONTH OF GEOPARK IDRIJA (European Geoparks Week in Geopark Idrija from 6th - 30th May 2015)  

During May, Geopark Idrija will hold the 2nd European Geoparks Week. The main purpose is to raise awareness of the conservation and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage and highlight geotourism and the geopark's educational activities to the general public.

Geopark Idrija, in cooperation with its partners, has prepared a varied program of events including lectures, thematic guided tours, exhibitions, information points, and other events aimed at reviving the rural heritage. Additional information and the program is available on from

You are warmly invited to experience the natural and cultural heritage of Geopark Idrija!

More informations:
Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija
+386 (0)5 37 43 916