Tuesday, 5 May 2015

From the depths of the mines to the twinkling stars

Idrija is the oldest Slovenian mining town, known nationally and around the world for its mercury wealth for over half a millennium. The underground treasure in Idrija attracted prominent European scientific minds, became the foundation of a lively town sustaining the families of Idrija, and over the course of several centuries of mining, evolving a maze of mine tunnels under the town. 

Idrija (Photo: Jani Peternelj)
In addition to the technical heritage that arose as a result of mining in Idrija, and now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is an area of the Idrija hills marked by diverse geomorphological, geological and botanical features (Wild Lake, the Idrija Fault, Gačnik, hidden and picturesque gorges in the upper reaches of the Idrijca River), which come together within Geopark Idrija.

Anthony`s shaft  (Photo: Jani Peternelj)
With the mine closures, the Idrija underground lost a little liveliness, but within a short space of time the Idrija miners have been replaced by curious tourists. Up above, in the town centre, there is always something interesting going on.

The 2nd Idrija Astronomy Week and Weekend of Experiments, beginning in May, is jointly organised by Geopark Idrija, Anthony's Main Road tourist mine, Idrija Youth Centre and the Natural History Museum of Slovenia.  From 6th - 12th May 2015 we will offer a variety of events designed for all ages. 

Observe the Sun and the Night Sky. Uncover the Secrets of the Night Sky lectures and presentations take place in the digital planetarium.  In the gallery above the Town Library, the Secrets and Form of the Solar System exhibition with guided tours for school groups, workshops, and a variety of experiments to take part in. In parallel with these events and as part of the 2nd Astronomy Week, we’ll be organising the Weekend of Experiments. In the spirit of the International Year of Light, volunteers will prepare a wide variety of experiments and workshops on the theme of light (more information and program for the 2nd Astronomy Week and Weekend of Experiments from: www.geopark-idrija.si).

For all those who would like to explore the mysteries of the universe, thousands of light-years away and would also love to descend into the depths of Idrija mine tunnels, we have prepared an attractive package suitable for individuals and families. 

Arrival and accommodation at Hostel Idrija 
Guided tour of Idrija 
Observing the Night Sky 

Visit the planetarium
Observing the Sun  
View the Secrets and Form of the Solar System exhibition 
Visit the permanent exhibition at Gewerkenegg Castle 
Workshops & games on astronomy knowledge 
Making a Comet workshop
Dinner and overnight

Visit the Weekend of Experiments (Mestni trg)
Visit to Anthony's Main Road  
Visit to Kamšt, mining locomotives and Scopoli's Garden
A walk along the ob Raka nature learning trail
Visit to Wild Lake

Adults from € 66.60                                 
Children from € 59.00
Pre-schoolers from € 58.00 

• Includes admission charges according to the itinerary, 2 nights in Hostel Idrija in a three- or four-bed room.
• Supplement: lunch, dinner, tourist tax 


Hostel Idrija is located in pleasant surroundings close to Idrija town centre. The centre, where you can see Idrija's rich mercury mining heritage, shop for Idrija lace and enjoy the local cuisine, is just a few minutes walk away.

Hostel Idrija offers affordable accommodation in double, triple or quadruple-bed rooms, or for larger groups, an eight-bed dorm is also available.

MONTH OF MAY - MONTH OF GEOPARK IDRIJA (European Geoparks Week in Geopark Idrija from 6th - 30th May 2015)  

During May, Geopark Idrija will hold the 2nd European Geoparks Week. The main purpose is to raise awareness of the conservation and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage and highlight geotourism and the geopark's educational activities to the general public.

Geopark Idrija, in cooperation with its partners, has prepared a varied program of events including lectures, thematic guided tours, exhibitions, information points, and other events aimed at reviving the rural heritage. Additional information and the program is available on from www.geopark-idrija.si.

You are warmly invited to experience the natural and cultural heritage of Geopark Idrija!

More informations:
Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija
+386 (0)5 37 43 916

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