Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Offer for groups

Are you wondering how to prepare an interesting and lively program for the holidays for a group of travellers? Our offers are perfect for larger groups where logistics is not quite as simple and you need to deal with reliable tourist operators. We, the HI Slovenia, with our network of 45 youth hostels and a network of tourist operators, can help you out. We offer great holidays for groups that wish to explore Slovenia, at the best prices. Let us give you a few tips for your group that is bound to be charmed by the beauty of Slovenia.

Youth Hostel Pekarna
 You may start with the visit of Kranjska Gora and the national park Triglav, where you can stay at the Hostel Barovec, which offers great view of the Slovenian Alps. Great vies and rich natural as well as cultural heritage offer great possibilities for adrenalin lovers, hikers, climbers, cyclists… Hostel Barovc is appropriate both for individual travellers and groups, and it’s good to know that the friends on four paws are also welcome. For exploring the rich history we invite you to the stroll around the labyrinth of mine shafts under the town of Idrija. Idrija is a town placed on the UNESCO world heritage list and is the oldest known mining town that extracted mercury. Its past held both prosperous and harsh times, but always interesting. You can book your stay at Hostel Idrija, standing proudly on top of a hill with a great view of the town. 

The city of Maribor is getting ready to celebrate the Lent Festival. It’s the biggest international and intercultural event in Slovenia. Enjoy the vibrant happening that offers everything from pop concerts, ethno music, jazz jam sessions, street theatre, workshops for children, sporting events… As the city is overcrowded at the time of the festival, we suggest you book well ahead, and it’s good to know you can do that at Hostel Pekarna, really close to the main venues of the festival. As the summers are getting hotter and hotter we also offer the possibility to cool down by the river. Hostel Menina is just next to the Savinja River and it won’t disappoint you. You could say that the hostel – a part of camping site Menina is a miniature version of our world. There are several types of boarding possibilities, many ways to relax, different culinary offers, many forms of recreational sports… there’s something to suit anybody and it offers you a great time in nature. A lively and tricky owner Jure will make you burst out laughing even if the weather will be a bit under the weather. There is room there for everything but bad mood. 

Youth Hostel Pekarna
There’s also a great opportunity by the river Kola, which is a border river with Croatia. A stunning and above all warm enough, it offers many sporting activities for your group, such as rafting, boat rides, adventures with canoes… As you make your way down the river Kolpa, accompanied by white lime trees, you’ll forget your worries and enjoy the nature. And when you need a place to stay, there the Hostel Črnomelj, which offers full board with beds and warm meals. And last but not least, we invite all who enjoy the sea to visit Slovenian coast, which is not long, but it’s nice and full of surprises and great food. Slovenian coast is like a box of chocolates, there’s something sweet every step of the way. Hostel Debeli rtič is part of the Slovenian Red Cross, which has its premises there to offers summer holidays to those with health issues. That’s why the hostel also benefits from the great climate and surroundings.

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